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#151 Posted by Carter_esque (6705 posts) - - Show Bio

Bats wins

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Buffy vs. Batman... not this again!

Firstly you must prove that pressure points would even work on Slayers. Good luck with that! In fact those scans you showed - those are not showings against meta/super/enhanced humans, those are regular guys, nowhere near Buffy's durability. Second of all using pressure points is not his normal fighting style. Most of the time he will just punch, kick etc. Show me where were those pressure points when he was loosing against enhanced humans like Deathstroke or Azrael? Batman was beaten by enhanced humans many times before - KGB Beast, Deathstroke, Azrael... In fact I propose a challenge - show me one thing that those guys did to Batman that Buffy can't do, what was this amazing fighting technique that they used, that Buffy won't be able to replicate?:

3203552-dead vs. bat.jpg
3203561-azreal vs. batman.jpg

And it seems that KGB Beast, man who thanks to his enhanced strength defeated Batman in hand to hand combat, was unable to break through metal door in a sewer:


Meanwhile average vampire, who is a lot weaker than Buffy have no problem with breaking through similar doors:


So this is not even a contest in strength department.

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#153 Edited by Ferro Vida (34318 posts) - - Show Bio

@picard: 1) It is on you to prove that Buffy's biology is different than any other human's.

2) Batman's feats put him fairly close to Buffy in terms of physical stats. Normal humans can fight vampires in a physical encounter (Gunn and his crew did for a very long time). These vampires are still capable of giving Buffy a decent fight. The difference in strength between Buffy and a normal, non-Batman human is not that great.

3) Deathstroke and Azrael both wear body armor.

4) The Talons are all physically stronger and more durable than Batman, or Buffy for that matter, yet a beaten and bedraggled Bruce Wayne was able to beat one of them.

5) Don't reply to old posts unless you have something new to bring to the conversation, and do not condescend towards me.

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#155 Edited by LuciusTheEternal (845 posts) - - Show Bio

Buffy wins, and pretty esily at that.

First off, she has way more battle experience than Batman. Yup, its a fact.

Her skill comes from the fact all Slayers share the memories, experiences, and skill of past lives.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6

1-2) Show the past lives she relieves when sleeping.

3-5) The Watcher finds her and brings her out to a cemetery knowing 2 Vampires will rise that night. The Watcher is overpowered by the 2 Vamps and it was up to the untrain Buffy to kill the Vampires, even though she was never taught a wooden stake through the heart, or any fighting skill to execute it. She does both with her innate skill of past lives.

6) Then the Watcher test her one more time with a surprise attack which she caught with ease just to prove a point of her being the chosen one.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

As said in the show itself, all Slayers share past experiences. The Slayer Spike talks of in the last scan is about a young American Slayer who spoke Chinese and had the memories of the Slayer Spike killed in China decades before.

Add to this the fact Buffy trains heavily in various Martial Arts every day by the watchers for several years.

3886066-buffy ability blind fighting.png

Like Niles here teaching her to fight Super Human Vampires while being blind.

So Skill advantage and combat experience goes to Buffy.

Now lets compare stats..... LOL that easy buffy is stronger, faster, and more durable than any human can ever be.

She is a casual 2 toner vs Batman's 1500 pounds strength.

Then gear, Batman has better gear, but does this gear save him from foes like Bane or Deathstroke? No. Buffy would be no different.

Batman loses this match.

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#156 Posted by loekie (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Okay let’s see… I’ve been a biiiiig biiiiig Buffy fan and have seen all the eps several times… I loved the show… however have not read the comics so I might be missing a few things in my reply…

Buffy is awesome. She is strong, fast and resourceful and would give the Bat a real run for his money especially since she catches him off-guard. From what I have heard of the Bat is pretty much impossible to sneak up on… and were Buffy to be in his Univese (as I assumed she would be) he would in his research have most certainly found out about the slayer and planned (just as he had done for the League) for when she would need to be taken down just in case. Hell… from what I heard the guy has a freaking satelite in space to spy on the meta-humans (which would include Buffy (or slayer) in the DC universe).

As much I love Buffy… the Bat would only need a piece of Crystal to take Buffy out (see season 3 Helpless) and I do think the Bat would have been forced to be a smarter fighter then Buffy because he doesn’t have any powers. He is also quite capable of keeping up with the rest of the ‘superpowered’ members of the Justice League.

I have to say this one would go to the Bat… after a good fight.

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#158 Posted by Willienotwilliam (1616 posts) - - Show Bio

id say buffy.....i mean an entire year of prep along with her powers is a great advantage. batman is a peak human at best and really it does a disservice to his character to make him some god like creature when he struggles with the likes of joker constantly. he shouldnt be able to beat wonder woman or superman(unless he has kryptonite) or darkseid. if we are talking strictly h2h then Batman would beat buffy but she has an entire year to out smart him and he has no idea about it.