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Morals off,fight to the death 
No prep 
Location - Mars 
Who wins and why do they win?
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no one    =(
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Goku, he definitely has the power, speed, striking power and technique to beat Black Adam.

Why will be provided tomorrow if this still in on frontpage.

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I would rather compare SSJ3 Goku.

But if Goku doesn't fool around and starts off serious I could see him pulling out a win.

7/10 for him mostly because of teleportation, better range and melee attacks, better martial artist and the Dragon Fist.

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Honestly a case could be made for SSJ2 Goku beating Black Adam, SSj4 is to much IMO.

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Black Adam.

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Goku wrecks Black Adam after a lengthy and bloody battle due to his superior speed, raw power and techniques.

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Wait a minute I seem to recall the majority opinion here is that no version of Goku would beat Superman in a fight, yet somehow he is going to beat Adam who it can be argued is slightly superior to base level Superman? am I missing something or has the opinion just shifted on the matter?

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Goku dies a horrible horrible terrible death at the hands of Black Adam.

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ssj4 Goku? Who knows, that version is bad lol. Current Super Goku? Mismatch lock due to epic stomp by Goku. inb4lock :)

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I thought dbz battles were banned ?

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Goku destroys.

even tho he got cut by glass........ DONT TALK ABOUT GT

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Well Atom wins because for one goku can't survive on Mars, and two he struggled to lift a city block.

Now god Goku stomps hard... if they were on Earth.

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@theman44: @lpnq: @alphapunk: @jasonbourne_: The ban is still there. But some people would rather ignore it and bump old threads to post an "opinion," even though we know why they're doing it.

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@thesuperhuman: Can you please explain?

OOh i c last post before this was from 3 years ago lmao

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Well despite the fact this should be locked im giving this to Adam, who is arguably stronger than base N52 Superman.

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