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Since these two have a bit of a grudge in JLI, who wins if they decide to throw down?

I sincerely have no idea. Here's hoping this is a good learning experience for myself and others.

Info on August General in Iron

Info on Red Rocket
Opposite ends of Times Square. Midday & unpopulated. Entire city is on limits.

-Random encounter.
-Both are in character.
-Standard elimination rules apply.
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Cool, thanks for sharing your thoughts, guys.
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I'll lean towards august General in Iron,but only in a slight majority More skill, and I believe his energy staff should be able to do some damage.

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August General In Iron is the greatest superhero name ever.

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Can Reds weapons penetrate his armor, I don't know the exact limits of his bio armor

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They should make a mini series for August General in Iron, like a 6 issue mini-series on his backstory..... seriously an underrated hero, needs more publicity... He just looks so cool.

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August General In Iron beats low-graded Soviet tech

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I don't know what he can do, but let me say that August General in Irons is one of the best names I've heard in recent years.