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Two US Navy aircraft carriers are testing a new weapon from Starks in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Tony and Rhodey is on board running the tests. The effects of the weapon is disturbing Atlantis, so a group of atlantean soldiers go check and report king Arthur whats going on. A pissed off Aquaman go there and jump on board demanding them to stop, apologize and leave, giving them 5 minutes to do so, after his speech he dives. Arthurs arrogant attitude irritates Tony, that put on his suit and stands against the atlantean.

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- Both on character;

- 5 min prep (so really no prep, i guess);

- Tony on current version, standard weapons;

- Rhodey has his WarMachine suit;

- Aquaman has his mechanical hand;

- Arthur thinksIronman is just an playboy with a fancy suit, and Tony thinks that Aquaman is just an atlantean that's not Namor;

- Win by KO, incapacitation, BFR. Also if Aquaman destroy/steal the testing weapon or Tony get enough data from test and leave with the weapon functional. (45 min to charge and use the weapon).

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I'll start...

4 min after aquaman approach, he would appear in front of the carriers like that

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Iron man probably would take off, while Arthur would stand still. IMO iron man would hit first, but i dont know if would be charging or shooting (aquaman would be surrounded by innocent sea life), any way, aquaman could tank it and submerge.

Tony isn't silly to follow him, but i guess Arthur can find a way to grapple him in the air and take him into water, starting to hit him, tying to KO. If he succeed or just take iron man out of the game for a while, would jump on board and try to disable the weapon, but i think Iron man won't go down that easy, he may have some weapons to deal with aquaman.

Well, i dont know iron man, so if anyone want to accept that as a debate challenge or throw some stuff about iron man, that would be fun.