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Can Alucard defeat current Thor ?

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Thor would send Alucard to hell,he is a god.

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Evilone65 says:

"Thor would send Alucard to hell,he is a god."

idk alucard is a freak with weird spells an what not you dont think he could give him a run for his money?

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Evilone65 says:

"Thor would send Alucard to hell,he is a god."

Alucard is his own god! Thor would definately have to use his wit and be verrry smart bout this one! this is not gonna be taken by physicall means, as there's nothing, i believe, that could take alucard physically!

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what would alucard be able to do to thor?

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Apparition says:

"what would alucard be able to do to thor?"

Hmm, not sure! would have to see what type of magical powers he's got and able to utilise against someone like thor! it goes both ways, as in either of them won't be doing much to the other physically, so it would be down to magic and mjolnir! lets take a look at their power set:

Thor's powers:

Thor is the Norse god of thunder and lightning. Like all Asgardians, Thor is not truly immortal but relies upon periodic consumption of the Golden Apples of Idun to sustain his lifespan, which to date has lasted many millennia. The strongest of the Norse gods, Thor has performed feats such as lifting a portion of the World Serpent, hurling the Odinsword, an enormous mystical blade, through a Celestial, and matching other beings of enormous strength, such as the Hulk and Hercules. If pressed in battle, Thor is capable of entering into a state known as the "Warrior's Madness", which will temporarily increase his strength tenfold. He also possesses virtually inexhaustible godly stamina, high resistance to physical injury (eg. rocketfire) and superhuman speed and reflexes.

Thor is a superb hand-to-hand combatant and has mastered a number of weapons such as the war hammer, sword, and mace. He is also very cunning and intuitive in battle, with many centuries of experience. Thor possesses two items that assist him in combat: the Belt of Strength, and his mystical hammer Mjolnir. The former item doubles his strength, while the second is used for weather control; flight; energy projection and absorption; dimensional apertures; matter manipulation, as well as the most powerful of his offensives: the God Blast, and the Anti-Force.

After his resurrection, Thor has accepted his heritage as a child of the Elder Goddess Gaea, and has demonstrated the ability to create country-spanning chasms in the Earth itself.

After Odin's death, Thor inherited his father's power, the Odinforce. Thor was then capable of feats such as reconstructing the Earth's Moon,[28] willing the Asgardian monster Mangog into nothingness and by focusing his entire power into a hammer throw even decapitated a Desak-occupied Destroyer.[30] Thor later briefly acquired mastery of the Runes, and a level of enlightenment that allowed him to free Asgard from the eternal cycle of Ragnarok, becoming even more powerful than his father

Alucards powers:

Powers and abilities

Alucard demonstrates, in various incarnations of the series Hellsing, an astonishing and overwhelming range of supernatural attacks (the range and strength of which have led some critics to remark that he is simply too powerful a character); these include, but are probably not limited to:

Immortality (which may or may not be connected with how many souls he has absorbed)

Regeneration (Alucard's ability to regenerate is considerably greater than any other vampire's, and may be due to the Hellsing family's experimentation. He has regenerated from a pool of blood and from being blown to shreds by gunfire.)

Superhuman acute senses

Incredible accuracy (Alucard has been known to hit targets at great range using handguns while looking the other way)

Superhuman strength (limits are unknown, but Alucard can rip people apart "as if they were wet tissue paper")

Superhuman speed (He can move faster than can be seen)

Intangibility: The ability to pass through solid objects

Invisibility (He seems to turn invisible for a moment when fighting Incognito in the anime.)

The ability to defy gravity to a certain extent (such as leaping incredible distances and running up walls)

Manipulation of shadows into physical form (although vampires controlling shadows isn't unheard of, the artwork sometimes makes it difficult to distinguish between blood and shadows)

The ability to summon familiars, including a giant, amorphous hellhound (which Walter calls "Baskerville"), and other creatures such as bats and insects

Shapeshifting (Alucard can transform himself or parts of himself into bats, insects, snakes, hellhounds, a little girl,an amorphous mass of darkness, and many other forms)

The ability to control the weather to an unknown limit, as demonstrated by the fog created when he returned to London aboard the H.M.S Eagle.


Telekinesis (Alucard is able to lift a FREAK chip and was able to load the Jackal and pull its slide mentally. The exact weight of these things is unknown, but Alucard is never seen using telekinesis to move anything heavier than a human being.)

Telepathy (in the television series, Alucard can speak telepathically to anyone he chooses, but in the manga, his telepathy is limited to his fledgling, Seras Victoria)

Mind reading (in the television series, Alucard can read the mind of anyone he chooses, but in the manga, he can only read the minds of the people whose souls he has absorbed)

Mind Control or Hypnosis (fans sometimes call it the "sex beam" after a remark from Pip)

The ability to suck a person's blood and absorb their soul and, consequently, their knowledge and memories. (He learns more about Millennium after absorbing Tubalcain.)

Summoning familiars, the souls of those whose blood he has sucked in a variety of forms that either sprout from his body or swarm about him as an army numbering in the thousands (these familiars can also include animals such as horses)(Alucard can only use this ability when control art restriction system level zero is released. It is suggested that this ability leaves him relatively vulnerable, as it releases the lives of others that he uses to sustain himself.)

The ability to absorb blood through his clothes and skin, as he does with Luke Valentine's blood after his hellhound had eaten Luke's body.

The ability to create vampire servants (it is possible that Alucard is no longer able to create ghouls, perhaps due to the Hellsing family's experiments with him)

The ability to hibernate (Alucard was able to survive for twenty years without blood, but was able to fight at his usual level of strength after drinking no more than a mouthful of Integra's)

Apparent immunity or great resistance to the weaknesses most vampires possess


Alucard is an exceedingly lethal combatant even unarmed, due to his extensive supernatural abilities and strength, but he also uses various weapons in battle. These have included swords, machineguns, and traditional vampire-slaying tools such as stakes and crosses. Additionally, Alucard has two signature weapons, a pair of oversized and overpowered handguns named the .454 Casull and the Jackal.

Hellsing ARMS .454 Casull Auto - The size of this semi-automatic pistol is debated as either 29cm or 39cm in length, but this does in fact depend on sources. In both the anime and the manga, when the Casull fails to kill Anderson, Alucard specifically asks Walter for "something bigger" (however, it must be noted that, except in the case of guns with barrels too small to fully burn the propellant, enlarging the firearm does not affect its power, using the same cartridge). Despite Alucard's displeasure with the Casull's size, however, it is too heavy and unwieldy for a human to use, yet a perfect match for Alucard's strength. It fires custom-made explosive .454 Casull rounds, with the steel bullets bearing a core made from the melted silver Christian cross from Lancaster Cathedral. One estimate places the number of rounds in the magazine to be around fifteen, based on counting the number of rounds fired before reloading was required. For that to be the case, though, the magazine would have to be double-stack which would pose issues stemming from the physical features of the .454 Casull round such as the incredibly large dimensions of the grip and reliably feeding rimmed ammunition from a box magazine which is an issue even with single-stack magazines. In addition, neither the weapon nor its grip is depicted as being particularly wide when compared to the barrel. Thus, the weapon most likely has a single-stack magazine meaning a capacity of 7 rounds as seen in other .45-caliber handguns with single-stack magazines such as the M1911 and SIG P220. However, there is no official magazine capacity. Although Alucard has reloaded it at many points throughout both the manga and anime, Hirano has joked in the back of volume 1 that "They're all cosmoguns that can hold a million rounds". This is also evidenced in the first OVA, where Alucard takes out a large group of ghouls without reloading. One plausible explanation is that as the Casull is clearly custom-made, it would not be unreasonable to assume that it has an enlarged capacity. It can also be argued that he reloads it "off-screen" or too quickly to be seen.

In the original fan-translation of the Hellsing manga volume 2, the translators incorrectly translated Walter's line referring to the gun, making him call it the "Joshua" even though the Katakana reads "KASURU", which would be the correct Katakana for "Casull". Since then, many fans have perpetuated the name, so much so that ADV (the Official European Distributor for the TV Series) called it "Joshua" on their Official Website, the Special Features, and the booklets on their DVD release. Regardless, this name is incorrect as it never appears in the Original Japanese version of either the Manga, TV series, or OVA, or any official Translations of Hellsing, not even ADV's, as they use Geneon's dub and subtitles.

Hellsing ARMS 13 mm Auto Anti-Freak Combat Pistol 'Jackal' - With a length of 39 cm (Almost 1' 4"), weight of 16 kg (35.2 lbs), and made of black gunmetal, it is not a weapon a normal man could even hope to wield, but as Walter says, "It was never meant for a man." It fires special 13 mm armor-piercing, explosive, Mercury-core baptized bullets, with casings of Macedonian silver, powered by "Marvell's Chemical Cartridge N.N.A.9." It has six rounds per magazine. It is designed almost exclusively as a weapon to use against Iscariot's Alexander Anderson, who shrugged off the Casull rounds with ease. The words 'Jesus Christ is in Heaven now' are engraved upon it, in mockery of a similar statement on Anderson's gloves. Contrary to popular belief, the weapon does have a pistol slide; however there appears to be none at all since the entire upper assembly is the slide, and moves only a minimal distance (relative to the gun's length). The Jackal has its ejector port at the left-hand position (ejecting towards the left), this probably means that it is meant to be used in conjunction with the Casull and in the manga and anime Alucard is usually shown wielding both guns.

The Jackal has recently been revealed to have been created by Millennium, and is now destroyed, courtesy of The Dok.

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Hmmm, it'll be good, but, your right apparition, I don't think there'd be anything in the end alucard has that could take thor permanently down! with current thor, not holding back and all, and using more of his mothers powers on top of his own, he'd be able to utilise it to take alucard down in the end!

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I don't think that Alucard is worthy enough to lift Thor's hammer.

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Well,unless they made a crossover,we don't know that if the Uru metal could hurt him.Probably the metal Uru has also the abilities to kills those Immortals vampire?Who knows?

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This seems interesting... Bump

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how is alucard going to touch thor and how is thor going to kill alucard since he cant die?

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Post Schrodinger: Stalemate (Unless Alucard uses Thor's own mind against him), Physically he can't really hurt Thor.

Pre Schrodinger: Thor stomp.