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A lot of fans of the 4Kids TMNT show have wondered who would win in a fight between Shredder and Agent Bishop, since they never did meet in the show. What do the folks here at Comicvine think I wonder?

Round 1: Agent Bishop Vs. The Shredder in his Season 1 Armor

Round 2: Agent Bishop Vs. The Shredder in the shiny, silver armor he wore at one point in Season 2, which apparently offered better protection

Round 3: Agent Bishop in his power-armor Vs. The Shredder in the exo-suit he wore at the end of Season 3.


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Round 1: I'd say Shredder, if he can get his hands on him. Both move much faster than the human eye can follow.

Round 2: Same as Round 1, 'cept this time Shredder's even faster, stronger, and a whole lot more durable. Shredder wins casually.

Round 3: Shredder stomps. Just a few good hits would take Bishop down for good.

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Shredder all three Rounds.

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