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So first of all Hi all ^_^ for over a year I was browsing this site reading all the interesting topics and fights between u guys, being lazy to join u. I wanted to find out what u guys would think about the title question but couldnt find any topic like that so I signed up and created my own .
So... Which Power Ring Would Suit The Bat Most?
1) Willpower/green - The guy has iron will, he refuses to go against his principles which involvs not killing people, even when he is pushed PAST the edges
2) Fear/yellow - One of the things that makes him so dangerous is theatricity and deception he uses combined with his talking to install fear in thugs. I think that attribute would make him a great yellow lantern.
3) Rage/red - through meditations and years of learning martial arts he has also learned how to control his emotions to fight better, but there are times when joker or some other goons hurt people he cares about and he snaps into anger mode and beats the crap out of thugs before snapping out just before killing them. + rage over loss = his parents loss
4) Compassion/Indigo - Just solely in animated Justice League Unlimited what he did to Ace was heartbreaking to me for those of u who dont know here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWHHsdE_oQg
5) Hope/blue - I cant explain this much, as batman trusts in the ability of doing things himself rather then hoping but hey some of u could argue
6) Love/pink/star sapphires - He has loved, yes indeed, and i believe this is a girls only club but not sure.
7) Avarice(Greed)/orange - nope he doesn't suit here
8) White Lanterns - If Bats suits so well in most of them then why not all of it combined? :D

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I'd lean more towards Yellow Power Ring being the best choice for Batman, but a Green Power Ring would also be a good fit as well.

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I'd lean more towards Yellow Power Ring being the best choice for Batman, but a Green Power Ring would also be a good fit as well.

can I add a poll to the post so we could see numbers added to the thoughts?

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Green or yellow

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Yellow most definitely. Many superheroes have tremendous willpower and a strong moral drive. What separates Batman from the rest is that he uses fear as a weapon. He dresses up as his own worst fear, stalks the shadows at night, and maintains that cold, menacing demeanor that unnerves and threatens those who break the law. Batman does everything he can to personify fear, and unlike the Scarecrow he does it without chemicals.

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Blue. Above all else Batman is a symbol of hope. His parents were killed in front of him he forged on through life. He watched the city his family built continue to decay he pushed for economic and civil change. He became a symbol of fear but why not because he wanted to be someone who controlled good people through fear but rather to give people hope in the dark. Let's also not forget that though he is skeptic on the matter he never kills because he believes that everyone including himself can eventually change.

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its hard to pick you can make a case for all of them except greed of course it would be cool to see an elseworlds story where after the death of his parents he was choosen to be a lantern of some kind

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Blue and Yellow. Hope and Fear, that solely what he represents. I would argue that would fulfill most of his rogues too maybe apart from Joker. They create fear but they are still hopeful beings that they will pull through.

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Green or Yellow most likely IMO

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Yellow, he strikes fear into the criminals. Red and green will also do because he does have quite the amount of rage and will power. Maybe blue too since he is a symbol of hope as well.

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Yellow he himsekf says he wants to strike fear into criminals. Blue fits someone like superman or captain America. Red would be useful but he wouldnt want it. Green would be great but hes not ready for it

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Erm. Yes he does. Or at least he dresses up as his childhood fear. Bruce was scared of bats. That's why he chose a bat theme.

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Yellow suits him best because of him wanting to be feared by the bad people

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Yellow or Green could work. He has a lot of will power, and he obviously uses fear.

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I'd lean more towards Yellow Power Ring being the best choice for Batman, but a Green Power Ring would also be a good fit as well.

This, he could work with both just as good.

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And the bat scared him when it broke into his room. Batman uses the thing that scared him as a symbol to scare criminals with.

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Yellow. He even had one for like 2 pages in an issue of Geoff Johns GL.

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Green, Yellow or Blue...

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Yellow or blue definatly

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I think he'd get the best use out of the yellow ring.

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Lime Green

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Well in several shows, and a few comics, he was worthy of using Hal Jordan's ring, meaning that he would make a great Green Lantern. In my opinion though, he would make an amazing yellow lantern. Also, if someone close to him died, like Dick Grayson, then a Red Ring would suit him more than anything else.

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Although it really comes down to green and yellow, I think yellow fits him a bit better. I'd be happy to see him with any ring though, for longer than a couple of pages. It would be interesting to see what he would come up with.

Was cool seeing him use a yellow ring in Forever Evil if only for just a second.

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Id go with Green, his willpower has been shown as immense on several occasions.

I feel like fear wouldn't work out that great, while it is part of his identity he is mostly just feared by street thugs, him being feared is rarely brought up against real villains or in justice league circles.

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Probably green due to his strong will..

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Now he can be truly invisible :)

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Green. His has better feats of willpower than fear.

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Gotta agree with green for his tremendous amount of willpower. Black if he feels like color coordinating his outfit.

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Sinestro said he would make a very powerful yellow ring in forever evil but I agree with what bruxae said, his willpower is better and more reliable. Batman can't scare everyone. He's respected and you always have to be prepared for him but some people simply aren't scared of him

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Sorry for being late to the conversation but I'll add my opinion anyway.

He is obviously very imaginative/intelligent - look what he accomplishes with his skill and tech against God like beings without a single super power (all rings).

I think it's pretty well established that Batman has one of the greatest - if not the greatest - will power (green ring).

His Bruce Wayne persona is all about hope, he pretends to be a playboy but is constantly donating money to charities and good causes because he believes that the people of Gotham need that hope/ray of light in their lives. He believes the hope that Bruce Wayne provides is an incredible force and can accomplish things even Batman cannot (blue ring).

His Batman persona is all about fear. He wants criminals to fear him, he wants to be their boogie man. He might not strike fear into the hearts of every villain but I bet he could if he had a lantern ring (orange ring).

I think honestly that green, orange and blue would all serve him well. All things being equal, the green ring would probably make him the most powerful (his will power is probably his most significant character trait) but not neccesarily the best choice. If he had all three rings I would rate him as one of the most powerful forces for good in the DC universe - I can't imagine even Superman being his equal.

His imagination/intelligence would allow him to conjure up unexpected and creative constructs - well beyond what most ring holders could even begin to comprehend, his will power would provide him with obscene amounts of power via the green ring, the orange ring would allow him to use the villains fear against them and finally the blue ring would make him a symbol of hope and redemption to all the people who are down and out.

I think those three rings in (or on) the hands of Batman could accomplish far more than the sum of the seperate rings would indicate. Not only would they combine their power, they would work together and 'feed' each other, they are the perfect combination of powers for Batman e.g. 1+1+1 equals 20 in this case.

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@nickyhansard: you mean yellow, right? Orange is greed. Yellow is fear.

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Yellow or Green could both work for me.

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Yellow wil green being a close second.