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Me and my friends over xbox were joking around with Batman's origin story, then one of my friends had a stroke of genius; What if Alfred made Battman?

Many people in Gotham no of Wayne's tragic childhood, but not his secret identity. Alfred knows both, having raised him (Depending on the origin behind the butler).

Alfred is driving back to the manor after getting the ingredients for dinner. On his way back, he gets transported back in time to the night of the murder of Bruce's parents. Disoriented, he hits and kills a pedestrian. This man is none other than Joe Chill, killer and creator of Batman. Since Chill is dead, Bruce never has the traumatic experience of watching his parents die, thus never becoming Batman and saving everyone on many occasions. Realizing this, Alfred knows the horrible crime he must commit. The butler dons a ski mask and wear's Joe Chill's clothes. He then heads to the theater and kills Wayne's parents, insuring bat man is created.

What do you guys think? Explaining the time travel bit may be tricky, but I think this is an interesting alternate reality.

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Alfred loved the Waynes and would never hurt them, especially knowing the trauma that it inflicts on Bruce.

I think if this reality occurred, Alfred would work with Bruce and find other ways for him to help society like charity and mentoring rather than turning him into a tortured vigilante.

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Alfred wouldn't do that. Makes no sense, he would more probably come to the conclusion that the Wayne's would be better off left alone. His time spent as the "father" to Bruce would have him overjoyed that Bruce would finally be able to live in an environment where he does not put himself in day to day danger.

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@johnnygat:If it wasn't for batman, the world would've ended 3 times over.

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Is time to call Maury and see if Alfred is the Father!!!

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@johnnygat:If it wasn't for batman, the world would've ended 3 times over.

In a comic world where heroes always prevail? Batman or not the universe would find a way for the good guys to win irregardless of Batman. Alfred's character is that he wants Bruce to live a life not in guilt but in happiness. If Bruce was the one who had the opportunity then maybe, because Bruce already believes that he has to be Batman to best help the world but Alfred, that would be completely out of character for him.

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Actually Alfred would (first) risk the paradox occurring, two if he did commit the murder he would likely commit suicide shortly thereafter. Batman would have still never existed as no one would have responded to the bat crashing through the window event and Bruce would have likely bled out and died. I can go on for a while...

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@johnnygat: I agree. As many characters there are in the DC universe, if Batman didn't exist, someone else would fill that vacuum In fact, many of Batman's rogues gallery might not exist as well, considering many consider themselves inspired by Batman.

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Bruce somehow killing his own parents would make for a better story.

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I thought this topic would be about Martha Wayne and Alfred getting it on, or Alfred making the bats show up or something

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I get the feeling that if Alfred could, he would deliberately go back in time and stop the murder, Batman be damned, he would want Bruce to grow up happy and less someone else bare the burden.

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Alfred never really wanted Bruce to be Batman anyways, plus he would never hurt the waynes. Batman also wouldnt be needed if the waynes were still alive, because guessing that your referring to the Nolan series of movies, the waynes were strong enough to stop falcone and bring peace to gotham without batman, it was because they died and gotham was hopeless, that batman arrived.

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There is a comic out there I don't remember what its called I'm sure someone else does though. Its about how Bruce is really just a crazy guy and pretty much all the villains he fights aren't real but I think actors Alfred payed off. Alfred was also the Joker to keep Batman going. I don't remember the purpose but I think it was because Alfred believed Bruce needed a reason to live or something? At least this is what I remember of the comic, it may have actually been a bit different. Its what I thought of when I saw this thread, it was a pretty interesting read.

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@uncleemu: I have been mentally scarred for life.

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@tacos_kickass: That is from Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader by Neil Gaiman.

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What if Alfred nurtured the Batman? Oh, wait...