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Anyone read this, and want to comment? I thought it was incredible

Turning him into a disenchanted hired gun who becomes obsessed with Batman after a chance encountered, and having Batman be more guilty than ever for having created him by being a failed attempt at murder, almost, for the dark knight. Something else to weigh on his conscious and give Joker even more reason to torment him in the future. On top of Batman being the one to give him the slit mouthed smile via a batarang shot. Even if that is a little questionable a move, it still worked. The acid/chemical bath change for Joker is iconic, but in our modern RX obsessed times having him fall into a vat of anti-psychotics/depressants is rather poetic.

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It was alright, but completely unnecessary. I prefer there be a level of secrecy about Joker's past, but if we are going for an origin, the one in Killing Joke is way better and was referenced a number of times in pre New 52 continuity.

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Harley's cameo was nicely done in that story.

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I enjoyed it but most Joker fans that I've encountered dont care,and I can see why.