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Another exclusive ps3 skin for Arkham Origins.

what do you think?

is xbox getting any?

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Ha! Awesome.

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Would be better if he was smiling.

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This is hilarious! Adam West vs. Deathstroke. Why do I not have a PS3?

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That's so bad.

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I will now buy this game. and I will play exclusively with this costume.

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Would be better if he was smiling.

I think he is. He appears to have a little smirk on his face. But man o man I wish I was getting it on the PS3. Cant wait to see people uses this and scare the criminals. I wonder if he comes with exclusive shark repellent?

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I can wait to play with this. Less than 3 months to go.

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This is epic. Gonna be using this all the time me thinks.

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This should be a skin
I want him doing this in the game

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They finally did it and I am so happy about it.