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Posted by k4tzm4n (40084 posts) - - Show Bio

The Flash has his very own pilot heading to the CW! Grant Gustin made his debut as Barry Allen on Arrow and we witnessed how he gets his powers. However, watching Barry step into a costume and seeing those powers in action is being saved for his pilot. We previously got a look at Gustin wearing the mask, but now a much better look at the full costume has been released! Prepare your eyes, Viners.

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The pilot's director and executive producer, David Nutter, says they team behind the show is thrilled with the design. "I hope the fans who treasure the character are as excited as we are by what costume designer Colleen Atwood has achieved with this latest version of The Flash’s iconic suit." Well, what do you think? Do you share his enthusiasm or are you not exactly the biggest fan of this costume? Don't be shy, share your thoughts with us below!

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#1 Posted by jack16ichigo (521 posts) - - Show Bio

Don't care for the texture of the material on his upper body and the lack of white on his symbol but still look pretty good :)

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#2 Posted by stevencarver_ (95 posts) - - Show Bio

Honestly, not sure I like it much. Too dark and leathery. However, I don't care much for Oliver's costume either. What matters to me is the execution of the show and the writing. I have high hopes for that.

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#3 Edited by dauntes_patron (95 posts) - - Show Bio

Rating from 1-10 I'll give it an 8. It's good but would prefer a better design on the arms and the regular logo with the white background instead of red.

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#4 Posted by jstndmnd (1120 posts) - - Show Bio
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It looks cool, but I still love the Flash I grew up with! I'll give it a try as Green Arrow has been so cool.

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#5 Posted by darkbeam (2873 posts) - - Show Bio

Not bad.

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#6 Posted by jack16ichigo (521 posts) - - Show Bio

Don't care for the texture of the material on his upper body or the lack of white in his symbol but still looks pretty good :)

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#8 Posted by Scarlet_Spider_Forever (168 posts) - - Show Bio

I still think Grant Gustin doesn't fit as a good Barry Allen. And the suit is meh. I wouldn't expect much from a TV series, but all in all I don't think that Flash is something that can be pulled off anywhere except the silver screen. Still very excited for the show. But its putting my standards a little lower just for now.

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#9 Posted by RustyRoy (16535 posts) - - Show Bio

Not bad.

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#10 Posted by asjmooney (384 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm not the biggest Flash fan but excited for this show if it's anything like Arrow is. I think the costume looks good.

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#11 Edited by Pwok21 (2464 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll need to see it in action before making a full judgement, but at this point I'm not convinced it's the right look...

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#12 Posted by the_comebacks (365 posts) - - Show Bio

Um....why does this look reddish purple?

The first image (posted below) looks crimson red (and pretty sharp), and this looks reddish purple. I want to like this image above but I do not. I don't like the red filler for inside the lightning bolt circle-especially cause it is a different color red. maybe it is the lighting, but this is a swing and a miss. please fix it

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#13 Edited by Jonny_Anonymous (45480 posts) - - Show Bio

Looks great

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#14 Posted by w0nd (6729 posts) - - Show Bio

I think it would be VERY hard to make a full bright red body suit not look dorky, so good job

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#15 Edited by ARMIV2 (10036 posts) - - Show Bio

I dig it.

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#16 Edited by conradoaccorsi (316 posts) - - Show Bio

It looks awesome! I hope when he runs, that yellow lines he has in New 52, show up.

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#17 Edited by amazing_webhead (8822 posts) - - Show Bio

Okay, that looks awesome.

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#18 Edited by Chaos Burn (1898 posts) - - Show Bio

Look at that big ol' melon head

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#19 Posted by MAZAHS117 (8441 posts) - - Show Bio

I like it, tho he does look like a red Captain America! I would have added some yellow into his boots. Looks good!

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#20 Posted by Redmonkeyssj4 (1093 posts) - - Show Bio

Less thread.

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#21 Posted by CitizenJP (782 posts) - - Show Bio

I can dig it. It'll probably grow on me as we see more but it's not that bad!

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#22 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (45480 posts) - - Show Bio
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#23 Posted by the_comebacks (365 posts) - - Show Bio

@pwok21 said:

I'll need to see it in action before making a full judgement, but at this point I'm not convinced it's the right look...


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#24 Posted by Nahuel (392 posts) - - Show Bio


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#25 Posted by amazing_webhead (8822 posts) - - Show Bio

I wouldn't say it's the full costume. What isn't obscured by the shadows is obscured by Flash standing like that.

But yeah, pretty cool.

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#26 Posted by laabitres (795 posts) - - Show Bio

looks dope

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#27 Posted by StMichalofWilson (5529 posts) - - Show Bio

Looks cool

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#28 Posted by TheManInTheShoe (3998 posts) - - Show Bio

The body is good but the head looks a bit off imo

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#29 Posted by Sachmoo (2489 posts) - - Show Bio

Daredevil reboot? HAHA

I just hope its a good show.

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#30 Posted by Black_Arrow (8461 posts) - - Show Bio

Now this is a real costume not like the ones from Smallville.

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#31 Edited by BuNKiTZ (260 posts) - - Show Bio

Not. Enough. YELLOW. Seriously, it looks pretty bad for me. At least from this angle. And because of the lack of yellow. I mean, come on, where are the lightning bolts on his forearms? The boots are supposed to be yellow! I mean, I know it's their version and all that, but they could've done something to balance the red and yellow...

Hopefully it'll look better once we see the whole thing. I just hope there IS a belt there...

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#32 Posted by lvenger (30458 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm not a fan of the lack of yellow on the overall costume and the missing white from the symbol. Nonetheless, this is a good looking costume for a TV show and it does work on the actor in action. So not too shabby at all considering the track record of superhero costumes on screen.

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#33 Posted by Cloudguy (1763 posts) - - Show Bio

Not so sure I like the look of the costume.

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#34 Posted by Kal'smahboi (3976 posts) - - Show Bio

I like it.

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#35 Posted by longbowhunter (9424 posts) - - Show Bio

I really like it. I'm actually surprised they're going with such a literal interpretation. Guess I'm still expecting the CW to Smallville all these superhero costumes.

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#36 Posted by sentryman555 (883 posts) - - Show Bio

I really hope the tone of the show is different from arrow.

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#37 Posted by mickeymayhew (426 posts) - - Show Bio

a bit dark but I'll give it a go

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#38 Edited by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub (7755 posts) - - Show Bio

Lmfao, his head is huge!

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#39 Posted by AllStarSuperman (37295 posts) - - Show Bio

I like it a lot actually

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#40 Posted by CRTrobinson (276 posts) - - Show Bio

Not thrilled but at least they are finally putting them in their costumes. Way better than just a mask or black leather.

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#42 Posted by viin (953 posts) - - Show Bio

Not the best picture...I liked the last picture of just his face more

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#43 Posted by kennybaese (1241 posts) - - Show Bio

@sentryman555: I feel like the showrunners said that it was going to be more lighthearted than Arrow was, but I could be making that up. The scenes that Barry was in when he was introduced on Arrow definitely shifted toward being lighter, so I think that's a good indicator.

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#44 Posted by JakeN7 (15179 posts) - - Show Bio

I love it! Looks great! Just wish it had yellow boots...

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#45 Posted by Omega Ray Jay (8418 posts) - - Show Bio

Looks pretty good

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#46 Posted by GrumpyBear74 (11 posts) - - Show Bio

Pretty damn solid! I bet they make a few tweaks during the series to the costume like they did with Arrow

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#47 Posted by Captain13 (4704 posts) - - Show Bio

That's not the coolest live action costume I've seen...

I guess Flash's costume just doesn't translate well to live action.

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#48 Posted by CantDance93 (365 posts) - - Show Bio

It looks good, not the greatest angle to view it from but I wish they went with a more armoury look like in the New 52 or Injustice.

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#49 Posted by GBandit (569 posts) - - Show Bio

For a TV show it looks good. Smallville superman looked nothing like Sups and no one cried. He looked like Neo had a kid with Supergirl and there was the product. At least this costume is quite close to the source.

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#50 Posted by Darkseid_Prime (242 posts) - - Show Bio

Huge dome