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Hello my name is Ryan hicks and I'm an aspiring comic writer and avid gamer and like most gamers my understanding of what exactly goes into the creation of one is somewhat limited. So you may ask "Well if you know little about game development how will you write a comic based completely around it?" and that's a good question. But for this particular comic, limited knowledge, a wild imagination, and naive assumptions of the game development industry will actually help.

This comic will follow the lives of two best friends as they follow their dreams of becoming successful independent game developers, chronicling the many challenges they come across along the way and the growth of their team. It would like for it to be in a strip format, 3-4 panels per strip like other popular web-comics such as VGCats,PennyArcade, Two Guys & Guy etc. but I am willing to listen to any suggestions for other viable formats As you've probably already deduced I wouldn't be able to pay on a strip by strip basis. The comic would obviously be able to be viewed for free with an optional donation tab. Eventually I would love to sell prints and maybe even put the strips into a book but that would be much further down the line assuming the comic picks up a considerable amount of steam.

If this is something that at all interest you you can contact me at ryan1919@comcast.net. Thank you for your time.