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I made this little Pin-Up as an spoof of all the insanity surrounding Dan Slott`s Death of mind swap /Peter Parker story arc that has sent fellow spidey fans [ myself included ..into a bit of a Frenzy ] and also the ending of the amazing spider-man title [ I have a feeling it will make a come back ,but for now it`s in Canceled spidey title Limbo ..but I digress .

so instead of being mad at this .I thought instead to have a laugh at it [ using one of my favorite marvel title from Pre Marvel past ..] that being the beloved What If series [ this current arc in the titles would have made a lot more sense ..but that`s my me ^_^] but here in my twisted fun house version of if I was to ever write and draw anything for Marvel [ or Marvel Now as they are calling the books these days ] I would enjoy doing a tale of what if Doc Ock had Switched minds with Debra Whitman instead of Peter Parker and Somehow I don’t know recreate the Spider-Island Virus [ just remove that nasty side effect of turning into a Spider-Monster ] and gave himself/herself powers and go about his merry way doing whatever a superior spider can :D

and I have been a little bit of an Fan of the character Debra Whitman since I first watched her in the old Spider-Man : the animated series from the 90`s , like peter said in one episode .. she is the little sister he never had ..nor asked for :P ,anyways I like that she and Flash Thompson had a little on again off again love affair going on and such , but when I read an Essentials collection of the older Amazing Spider-Man Comics ] from the Eighties I learned a little bit more about her as a character . Debra and Peter could have been a great couple but after a few misadventures and almost going Bat-shit crazy I could see it was better she got as far away from Parker as she could .

but To keep this short I like that she was the complete opposite of MJ [the party girl ] Felicia [ the Wild and Adventurous type ] and Gwen [ the would be love of his life ] to me I enjoyed the fact she was the Smart girl who could match peter some times in terms of wit and sarcasm , she is just as smart as him but at the same time just a vulnerable , they almost seem like they were meant to be together . [but Like I said She Lost her mind and lived in a constant state of confusion about the man she thought she knew as Peter Parker . anyways I was thinking what if Doc Ock tricked her into Swiping Minds with him so he could use her body to save his life and enhance it to become an Weapon in his battle against spidey .

but this is just me letting my imagination run wild with this idea .

either way I am Really proud how this one turned out [ finished it last night before bed ..funny right ] so with further a due I proudly present Mind swapped Debra/Ock set forth to Be our Friendly Superior Spider-Man[ err Woman]

[p.s this is an Clever Homage to an Erik Larsen Amazing Spider-Man

#341 and Sal Buscema`s Spectacular Spider-Man #158]