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I am writing to you today with a plea. As I have posted on my ComicSpace, I am a contestant in Small Press Idol, with my comic concept Sky Pirates. The story is one with a bit of everything for everybody. You do not have to like Pirates to like Sky Pirates. You just have to appreciate a good story and great artwork.

Without your help, however, Sky Pirates may not get to fly their Jolly Roger. Please register on Dimestore Productions and vote.



Feed Your Inner Pirate and Vote Sky Pirates

Small Press Idol 2007

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Comic Book Fans!

Please vote Sky Pirates!

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Puny male human solicitor who hasn't posted on any other topics or made any sort of contribution to THIS website... >:(

I should feed you to Gambler. :P
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I can't vote for something I've never read.

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Man we're brutal to spammers. I love it.

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Sorry, I'd love to help too, but without actually being a member of comicvine for real you are just spamming our forums. Spend a couple of weeks getting to know people, play along, submit some, then ask again, and some of us will probably be much more willing to lend you a hand. Otherwise, if you aren't willing to contribute to our works how are we supposed to be willing to help you?