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This is a tribute about the great Poison Ivy, character belonging to DC Comics. It's not only a tribute done randomly, but a commission for the great colorist DarkRinoa88 and I hope she likes her. For now it's only a pencil version that I'll development whit all calm, because never before now I've founded so funny to draw something. I'm starting to use a new drawing method (That i think many artists use it but.. oh well..) that is based on the graduated using of the pencil from hardness to softness. Indeed for a high velocity wip I've used only a 5H pencil. From transformating the lighty linees to more visibility linees i've used a H3 Pencil, and from the moment that I'll liked the results I would used an Hb2 pencil to definite the linees (a thing that I've already done). For the shading i've used an Hb2 pencil and a H3 Pencil. The version of Poison Ivy has been picked randomly from Internet, so.. if someone know which version is she.. please tell me! XD I'm mostly experiencing a my personal art style (Always belonging from the american comics style!), mostly to try to draw the noses even better and harmonious with the rest of the body. The results that it's coming out likes me a lot, mostly i hope likes to Rinoa too, that she has gently asked me to draw Poison Ivy with my Art Style. How can I refuse? I hope she likes her!