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What is in The Devil's Pool opens up the heavens and spills the wrath of ages on the earth.

Welcome to The Devil's Pool

I'm Linda Lisa the illustrator & colorist for a new graphic novel, The Devil's Pool. After months of working with ARKVIN on this comic, I want to share with you some of my art!

Azarias TDP Full Color/Line Art

Preacher Full Color/Line Art
Preacher Full Color/Line Art
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Oh dang! That's wicked cool stuff!

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Thank you ARMIV2

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@LindaLisa: Amazing! So much detail. The shadows in the Preacher one are just fantastic.

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That is so beautiful. Had I seen it earlier, I would have nominated it in the Spotlight.

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Yyyyeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!! SICK

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The artwork is crazy good!

Would be perfect for 100 BULLETS type of story.

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This looks great. What's the plot?