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Good evening everybody , tonight`s Pin-Up is a tribute to one of my Favorite Characters from one of the most Interesting and Action Packed Comics out there on the stands right now , which book you ask ..? well it`s Erik Larsen`s Epic , Bombastic ,Emotional Roller coaster Master Piece ...Savage Dragon . [ I really Like Erik Larsen`s Approach to Storytelling and his Keen Eye for Character Design [ to me is like Jack Kirby in the respect that he is Incredibly Prolific and Wildly Dynamic in Layouts and many other things that I personally enjoy in comics of yesteryear [ seventies and Eighties + Nineties too ] but Among all of that I just Really like and respect his work in comics in general [ it`s everything I aspire to achieve too in terms of making exciting comics ] but that`s not why your reading this Blog ..oh no you came to see on of Dragon`s Supporting Lady characters , and tonight`s piece is a bit of a riff on Both Erik`s Art Style and my unsettle attempt at Comedy .and her name is non other than Amy Belcher formally known as the Sensational She -Dragon [ now my first Exposure to this character was on the short Lived Savage Dragon Animated series when I was a kid ] it was only a little later when My Town had a comic shop I started buying all the first couple of issues of Savage Dragon [ the ongoing series ] and read everything I always wondered about the series origins [ and then when I bought Savage Dragon vs Magaton man featuring She Dragon in an short Cameo on a page ] it was a great story but in the end it only fueled my interest in wanting to what happened to She Dragon even further , so last year I bought the Savage Dragon Archives [ one and two ] where I was finally happy with what I found in her appearances in the series [ pretty much made me appreciate her ^_^ ] in short she was a fun to have around [ she reminded me a little bit of John Byrne`s Sensational She Hulk but with just a little more Bite .] but like all things in Erik Larsen`s stories in dragon things don't last forever ..she lost her powers and has now been returned to a plain ol Puny Human working on the Force [ a good move instead just killing her off like he has did with any of the other characters in Dragon ] so this Pin-Up right here is a tribute to what she was before being de powered [ but the twist is If she did get her powers back she would be probably teaming up with any of the Extreme Re-vamp Characters or something goofing around in the Image Universe ] so without further delay ..

I now present the Sensational she dragon [ in all her Silver Age /Bronze age Glory ..sort of ] enjoy

Make way for She-Dragon [ slight re-edited version ]
Make way for She-Dragon [ slight re-edited version ]
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@J1ml33: Dude. That is awesome. Nice work on it, great action and effects.