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This is the inked version of the Black Cat previously Posted. This is a tribute to the Black Cat of Spider-Man series what all of you know.. I've drawn her to exercise myself, because sincerely I adore the Black Cat, and successfully draw her is a great thing for me! Maybe the breasts are too much bigger and also the arms (me stupid! >_<) , but it's fine. I founded funny to make this Illustration, mostly to try the Cross-Hatchibg style that is fun to use! For the pencils.. I've used an 5H for the initial speed rough, a 3H Pencil for the initial definition and for some shading, while Ive used an Hb2 pencil for the final definition and for the gloves shading. For the inking I've used a 0,5 china pen. For the in of the two big lines behind Felicia I've used a normal black felt-tip pen. I like the final result, every advice is a treasure. I hope you like it!