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Here's a painting I did of the Jedi Master. Thoughts?

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very cool but why ere you concerned with it being star wars? and welcome to comicvine!

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The colors are amazing, especially on the lighting from the lighsaber.

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WHOAH. That's REALLY impressive. One of the best things I've seen in Artist Show-Off.

And welcome to Comic Vine!

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Its awesome. And good, realistic paintings always blow my mind, because painting is something I am exceptionally BAD at. Have you ever seen any Alex Ross stuff? He is a great comic book painter you may find interesting.

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I love your detail on his wrinkles on his hand and forehead. Beautiful!

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I love star wars and yoda is a f-cking beast! And you are a f-cking painting beast. That is very impressive. I couldn't do that if you spotted me the whole painting and told me just to take a picture