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 Once again an suggestion by Richard Boom. He gave me an little list with suggestions.
I decided to do some of that list. One of them was Cavewoman. Don't know the comic and I never read it.
But after some research I found out why its appealing to Richard.

Ralf van der Hoeven
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@RalfvdH: lol, I can relate with Richard.
Prehistoric women are just so sexy when you make them like that, very nice job :)
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looks nice and sexy lol

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@Caligula:   CaveWoman by Budd Root ( that is his name) is a character that yes, has some similarities to these characters but primarily just the loincloth thing.  CaveWoman is very much a "good girl art" type comic with bits of humor.  Plenty of artists have drawn her.  
Absolutely incredible!  Your pencils here are superb I really love the action, shading, proportions--EVERYTHING!  Outstanding work.  Wow!
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I'm good friends with Budd and I'm going to have to say that I think he would be proud of this rendition of her. Nice job!
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Very nice looking, great job on the dino too.