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create a hero and post it on this thread(with pic)

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<----- Paragon. (Isn't that essentially what we did here?)

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Paragon said:
"<----- Paragon. (Isn't that essentially what we did here?)
not exactly, im talking about taking the hero you may or may not have created if u filled ot ur super bio (i didnt) and bringing it to life by drawing it
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Phoenix Souvenir: The Hero.
Already did. (^_^) But I'll do another though. Still thinking up a cool pose.
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Phoenix! I remember when that was just a sketch! Nice work!

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ok ive been working hard on mine ill add the super bio to it as well hope its not too much

The Messenger
The Messenger

Since public school, Dan Kellestine's been bullied and one day he snaps, but he is a Spider-man fan, so instead of going crazy and attacking everyone, he creates a costume and tries to stop bullies.  Granted, he's not the best at first, but he learns. After he's entered college for a degree in comic book writing, he meets Stan Lee, the best comic creator ever.  Stan Lee has gone off the deep end and has an experiment to help several students receive special powers. But the powers given were random, and all but one died within the month.  The Messenger, the lone survivor,  received two powers -Healing and Teleportation,  like two characters from Stan Lee's comics, Wolverine and Nightcrawler.  After the failed experiment, Stan Lee went into hiding, creating comics while the Messenger continued helping the victims of bullies.  Searching for Stan Lee, the Messenger wanted to give him one message - "thanks". He continues to search as we read.

First fight

His first ever crime fight was really just him facing off against a group of bullies picking on two kids.  He managed to save them, but got wedgied in the process.  His first real crime was 2 days after getting his powers. Two thugs were roughing up a store clerk for protection money, and he stopped them and got information on the gang they were in.  Mind you, all the info he got was the gang name.  The Komoka Hoodies and the name of their leader Mr. Petermin will forever be associated with gang activities.


Mr.Gresso is a science teacher who, let’s say went a little crazy with squirrels that he experimented on himself and now he is part squirrel. Squirrel man is now the leader of an army of squirrels. Squirrel man first confronts The Messenger in high school, grade 12 science class where due to the fact The Messenger would always doodle in class and make comics, Mr.Greeso Failed him.  after that conflict The Messenger faced off agents him yet again but this time Mr.Greeso has turned into Squirrel man but agents’ his army The Messenger needed help so he asked his friend CovertKiller a trained assassin for the side of good armed with his high tech bow and arrows, and his other friend Black Phoenix a day walker like Blade but armed with 2 swords, the two along with The Messenger dueled with Squirrel man to all that was left standing of Squirrel man’s layer was the bathroom. Squirrel man embarrassed vowed to destroy The Messenger and his team called The Delivery Boys.

The Black Phoenix
real name is Garreth Killborn an average day electrician turned day walker after vampires kidnapped him (at the age of 19) and his father while they were walking to the shop (small time Electrician Company). A gang of them stopped them, the leader calling himself "the fang". The gang held them prisoners for 10 days. Garreth's father bleeding from the neck from an escape attempt told Garreth to avenge him and stop his suffering before he turned. Garreth who respected and looked up to his father did as he wished and stabbed him. With tears in his eyes and anger in his mind he attacked the guards stabbing both of them in the neck and in the struggle got bitten as well. With his friend CovertKiller revived him and almost fully cured his vampirism, he removed all their weaknesses but not there strengths. With his two swords and other gadgets he promises to kill and destroy all vampires "the fang" is on top of his list.

a child prodigy and virtual genius with computers as well as an assassin for the side of good, equipped with his bow and arrows was in an archery contest when the team was attacked be a group of thugs while him and his team were celebrating another win. Lawrence Spryte couldn’t save his team mates and was the only survivor. Filled with guilt donned a mask and a new persona thus CovertKiller was created. He now has several types of arrows and the most advances bow in the world, his bow is more powerful then a gun.

The Black Phoenix and CovertKiller's connection to the Messenger
they first met in high school and both Garreth and Lawrence knew of Dan's super persona even though Dan didn’t know they knew until collage after they all had their super powers and hidden identities.

Love life

The Messenger has also experienced some love in his life while keeping his hero life secret.  A girl named Dorothy,  who in high school used him to get a date for herself for Prom, The Messenger considers she was being a bully.   Because The Messenger would never hit a women, he decided to confront her, in costume, to talk.  He never got through to her.  His second love was Lucy, who dumped him for his best friend, a member of the Komoka Hoodies.  Now his current girlfriend, Fleshia has made him more brave and mature, and now able to handle his hero life.

Other then his normal costume, he has made a simple costume (picture coming soon)

Alternate universes

  • in one alternate universe The Messenger was not a costumed hero like Spiderman but a day walker like Blade
  • in one alternate universe The Messenger was not a costumed hero like Spiderman but a demon like creature like Nightcrawler
  • in one alternate universe The Messenger had no super powers
  • in one alternate universe The Messenger was femail as well as had a son named Eric Dowson a.k.a the Delivery Boy who took over for The Messenger after she died at the hand of Squirrel man.
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look at my icon.

this is me. i eat hamburgers. enjoy.

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Wow nice pic Phoenix and long bio messenger

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Lady Nightmare
Lady Nightmare
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Lady Nightmare said:
Lady Nightmare
Lady Nightmare

great pic LN
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Squirrelman is my new favorite character of all time.

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Grace Frost-Summers (Daughter of Scott Summers+Emma Frost) 


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 I think Im gonna make Sausage boy a reality