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So here are the costume design interpretations of ComicVine's artists of the now "vampired" Jubilee... 









Illyana Rasputin 












Lots of Good Concepts here folks  
But remember this is a looking for the best possible costume of our sparkly now dark Jubilee! 
Voting Ends of Saturday (January 8, 2011) 
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wow, Juju bean got a LOTTA love outta the vine, some great stuff. 
My vote goes to Illyana Rasputin, love seeing your work in here Newt. 
gotta give an honorary mention to checkeredman's too, I still can't pass by it without laughing and smiling and just wanting to pinch something small :)

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well thought-off design... loved the concept of a full mask to cover Jubilee's face especially if she works in broad daylight.

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Payno for me! 

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Wow! A lot of new artist joined (new to me since I had not seen them before). 
I like them all but my vote goes for Kamitosis

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Really took the theme of the contest well and went full bore with it. 
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It was hard to pick but I'm going with FrishDVH   because the costume is pretty cool and I like the hood concept. It definitely shows the artist took into consideration the fact that daytime sucks for creatures of the night, no matter how spunky they used to be. To be honest, I would love to take a crack at drawing Frish's costume design myself. :D

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He has made Jubilee look real mature.

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Wow, awesome stuff. I like Tonis's the best

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Really difficult one, but after changing my mind three times: Kamitosis

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kamitosis and tonis

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Wow, this is TOUGH!  I'm gonna go with thecheckeredman... it's cute, and quirky.  Obviously Jubilee with vampire powers, with bags of humour. 
But definite shout outs go to FrischDVH for the amazing design (and the Wondra styled alternate cover-up mask for daylight hours) and tonis for using a different media to express his brilliant design :)
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 I'm giving the nod to Raven 0270, because that conception gave way to the idea: What if Jubilee didn't rejoin the X-Men, but instead became the new Black Queen. Her and Dracula could start a new Hellfire Club!

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loved em all but i'll go for Frisch

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 Illyana Rasputin 
So hard to pick one,...   Illyana Rasputin 's just kind stuck in my head after cycling through a  few times.
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wow...really impressive work here-vampire jubilee ftw indeed :w00t:. narrowed it down to 2 favorites-checkered man and payno...with payno getting my vote in a close one. loved the costume design and kickass attitude-well done.

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I like the one by Payno.
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 Good turn out, although had to go with this one. 

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Okay... the winner for the Costume Contest # 35 is.... 


to all the artists who joined... good work you all!! till the next contest... c yah!
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Yay! Thank you guys so much for voting for me! It was a pretty tough competition. :D I loved all the entries really.

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@Kamitosis: congratulations.
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Congratulations! Good Job!
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Congrats @Kamitosis: I really feel like you took some good inspiration from her Wondra persona in this. loved it!