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ok its time for battle braniac. challenge was to give braniac a new look-very creative entries this time. voting will last for 3 days(ends wednesday at midnite-unless landslide). vote early vote often...lets get it on. 
notes-entries in order of submission(order of finished piece submission)
sora_the key

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gotta go egod here as well...felt the other pieces were strong but egod's won the day.

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  1. Egod
  2. FrschDVH
  3. Fastforward!
  4. Silkirk
  5. Sora
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I'm going with Egod because his reimagining is simply sinister. Love the take on the three dot head.
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FrischDVH is reeeeaaaally close second.

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 EGoD. Nice job 

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feel pretty safe calling this for egod...awesome job egod and congrats-looking forward to costume contest #15.

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Egod, just love it

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Didn't get to vote.... but if I did it would've been for EGoD.... Congrats!!!
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EGoD. Great piece of work.
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Cool thanks, I will think of someone and start up the next contest in a few.

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definitely although I don't know whats going on with your shadows there but still way better than the others. kinda reminds me of if Doctor Manhatten and Doctor Octopus had a baby.