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Poll: Character Creation Contest #67 Voting Thread (18 votes)

wildcats25 22%
artiom1q2w 11%
payno 39%
ordinary 28%

Alright the challenge this round was to create a character thats a fan of any existing character.

The entrants in order of appearance:

WildCats25's Sandy Shores, a Wolvie fangirl
KEROGA's Symmetric, a Rorschach fan and follower
artiom1q2w's Smash Hands, a Hulk fan
payno's Thor Boy, teenager of thunder
Ordinary's Rider, a Ghost Rider fan

Anyone can vote, voting will go through 5pm Wednesday. Whoever has the most votes at the close wins the contest and starts the next thread. Good luck to all the entrants.

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Congrats to @payno for the win! Close round.