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The theme for Character Creation Contest #51 is transformation, also known as "morphing". So--create a "Morphing Character!".

The mission...should you accept it...is to create a character that originates as a human then transforms into something else. It can be anything; animal, alien, energy, monster.

Try to stay away from Werewolves but you won't be disqualified if you use one. If you do use lycanthropy try adding a twist to it. something unique.

Try to draw the human, or at least a human face and then the entity he or she becomes. All mediums accepted. Bios and descriptions are strongly encouraged.

More bonus points if you can try and draw a couple of the stages of the transformation ( think Hulk or a Werewolf type drawing ).

Be original! Don't use an already existing character.

Tentative deadline is April 3rd, 2012 12:00 Midnight, USA Central Standard Time

Have fun!

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Neat idea, this should be interesting.

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@EGoD: Thanks, glad you approve. I do hope more artists join this one.

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the man in the far upper left corner is Jebb Weller, he is a wall street stock broker. while camping with some friends, he found some black goop near the edge of the lake, which lunged at him and latched to his face. it engulfed his entire body, and transformed him into an alienistic creature with enhanced capabilities. his friends are the only ones that know his secret. he can transform at will, back and forth, and it sometimes happens without warning.

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i thought since its number 51, i would do an alien transformation. also his name is "The Grey"

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@SteveRodgers: That is a great concept and story. You really were quick with this one. Holy Cow!

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@SteveRodgers: hehe, that black goop is always trouble when you mess with it :D

#8 Posted by SteveRodgers (770 posts) - - Show Bio

@Decept-O: thanks

@tonis: hehe, yup

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@SteveRodgers: cool character and back story

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Ichorous Monk

A select few 'new earth' clerics of an order worshipping the art of change, in body and mind alike. The Ichorous monk is burdened to know not sight, nor sound. Such is their concentration and focus, aeons of practice yields an ability to become liquid state and even further allows for the transformation into beasts of their imaginings. Should one enter their sacred temple respectfully, they shan't move, stood mute as if a statue. Woe to the sorry soul whom dares be inclined to disturb such peace and train of thought, 'tis their folly to be so foolish.

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@LordRequiem: That is a very good job and I love all of it. Great back story and morphing going on, perfect for this contest!

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@Decept-O: Many thanks kind sir.

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@LordRequiem: very cool, love the liquid concept and the shading & coloring you do is very smooth. Reminds me a lot of EGoD's style in that respect :)

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Here's my entry:

Mayou Izumi Saitou

As a child she would often spend time alone, her parents would find her in the attic of their home talking to herself. She claimed it was voice in the darkness. Her parents decided to institutionalize her when she became more withdrawn and frightened of the dark. After years of doctors getting no where with rehabilitating her they decided on using a radical new technology developed to remove the "crazy" from a person, making them sane. During the procedure with Mayou something went wrong, she screamed in agony as her body began to convulse. The doctors watched in horror as she became a hideous black creature that attacked and enveloped the entire room; when the creature receeded and Mayou returned, she was the only one left in the room. She feared for her life after knowing what had just transpired and ran. Mayou is unable to control her transformation due to the affects of the treatment, when the creature emerges it absorbs everything around it and is able to use items as refined weapons and has strengthened telepathy abilities with each human it envelopes within itself.

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@EGoD:WHOA,nice! everything about this rocks

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@EGoD: Totally amazing. For some odd reason that seems familiar to me, maybe it is because it has a very slight "Venom" look to it, I don't know. Regardless, it is beautiful, great story as well. It kicks ass.

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@EGoD: I like everything, feels like a great anime to me...

beautifully done!

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@SteveRodgers: kind of a mix between venom and clayface

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This goth girl morphs into a seductive succubus with the power to control emotions&fly with her winged hips (the green face represents a soul)


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real name: Alice boan (in back)


born:she doesn't know where ,suspects shes not from earth

powers: transforms into giant snake,can scale buildings,shoot venom burst and acid blasts,controls snakes, unknown magics

paraphernalia: enchanted sword that shoots unknown energy and cuts through anything.belt has healing remedies

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@shadow death: This is fantastic. How did you accomplish this? A Wacom tablet? Some type of digital or image manipulations or did you draw all this yourself? PLEASE don't think I am being a tool, this is just one of the most crisp and colorful pieces I've seen by anyone so I am curious how you created it.

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A nomadic, predatory parasite. Like a symbiote, but flesh eating instead of healing. There is no "we". The parasite turns the host into a puppet/slave/meal. No spider-powers, but it is creepily fast, agile and strong. The parasite itself is a being of instinct; survival at any cost. Since it doesn't have a brain like we think of it, it uses it's hosts mind as it's own as well as it's body.

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@LeeThomasART: Creepy and I love it. Instead of a symbiote granting powers here's one that will cause damage like a true parasite usually does. Love the lines and spots rendered here and I notice the half of the mouth where the teeth have become fangs. Nice details.

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@KEROGA: I like the Goth girl tattoo designs and the concept of her holding a soul in her hands.

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nice one LeetThomas!

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Elizabeth Rulcert (Earth name)
She is a member of the alien race called R'ep Illia. R'ep Illians are intelligent race. Physically, she has a white hair and pale scaly skin, her pupils are blank (white) that can track heat. Her body is flexible, and her fingers are adhesive. She can change the color of her skin to match the surrounding (like a chameleon). She is also master in Alien Martial Arts, that her ancestors created.
The Story
Thousands of years ago, R'ep Illians traveled from planet to planet to escape the destruction of their planet caused by their dying Sun. They found Earth and started a new life here together with the human race.Both race lived harmoniously until the day came when humans learned their dark side. When R'ep Illians are enraged or when they become too emotional, their inner demon surfaces and transforms them into a beast. R'ep Illian's cannot control themselves when in beast form and killed a lot of humans that time. Humans named them the Demonic Reptile (Dragons). They were threatened, so slowly they hunted down R'ep Illians one by one. Some of them fled the planet while some hid and blend with the humans. Since then, R'ep Illians were never seen or heard again and became a myth.

It's my first time posting here :D

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@PoachedPig: Let's hope it's not your last. Awesome concept and i love the work that went into the design. Great work PoachedPig.

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@LeeThomasART: That is incredibly 3-D looking. Nice.

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@PoachedPig: Got a problem here. This looks like you quoted. copied, and pasted someone else's work. Unless I am mistaken you can't make your text appear like that unless you're quoting someone. If I am wrong I do apologize but I need to have this verified. Entries are welcome by anyone but it just doesn't seem right. Please let me know.

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Oh sorry, I purposely used the "Blockquote" (the button with quote) to separate the back story from my comment...

Like this one...

Don't worry its my art work...

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@PoachedPig: OK. Thanks. Now I feel like a fool because I wasn't even aware of that. Appreciate you letting me know.

Your entry is great and I appreciate the stages of the transformation shown, nice details added. Good story and art. Thanks for entering!

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Here it is! My entry called THE BAT

Form-Genetic experiment

Real name- Matthew Marx

Origin- A blind homeless man's life is forever changed when he becomes the target of a hit and run incident. He is left for dead, lifeless and bleeding in the back streets of London, until a passer by offers him hope. The mysterious figure nurses him back to health, but builds him into something else entirely. He begins having nightmares, terrible dreams full of flapping wings and screeching. Then, exactly 4 days after the incident, he morphs into the creature citizens all over London will fear for many nights to come. He becomes THE BAT, a creature which knows only pain, and who only craves vengeance, as well as blood....

Abilities- Feeds on blood, nocturnal, flight, can produce sonic screeches which shatter panes of glass with ease, sonar vision

In the streets of London, death has wings....

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@Decept-O: @IcePrince_X: @cbishop: Thanks a lot, it took quite a while. A few hours at least(but I think that I work fast). I like it; I'm glad you do too.

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@Mad_Wolverine: This is great! Love the way The Bat has its wings folded like that, you gave a real Horror feel to this one. Nice work on the art and story!

#35 Posted by Mad_Wolverine (241 posts) - - Show Bio

@Decept-O said:

@Mad_Wolverine: This is great! Love the way The Bat has its wings folded like that, you gave a real Horror feel to this one. Nice work on the art and story!

Thanks! ;)

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@shadow death: You told me you used the "SuperHeroGenerator3" for these images. Unlike users who submit entries using Photoshop, digital/3D, or photo manipulations, these are images that haven't been altered. Therefore, I can't accept the entry.

Before anyone says anything I had to think about this quite a bit. We usually don't allow the "Mini-Heroes" in the contests either and feel this falls under the same category.

The last thing I want to do is deny anyone entering this contest or any other one. Perhaps you can seek out an artist to help you create the images because the story is good.

If I am incorrect in this, perhaps a Moderator can step in and offer input, but this is my decision at the moment.

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@Decept-O: I gotta say, someone using SuperHeroGenerator or anything else that renders out a piece to work with in photoshop is not really any different than what I or others do in 3D and programs like that.

If your asking him to get an artist to make his image, you might as well say the same for my pieces.

How people make their images shouldn't matter and if they used pieces from programs to assemble in an image editor there's still work and originality in that process.

It doesn't take a mod to say your wrong about this, if these are your requirements then any image anyone used here with a piece of something in it they didn't draw or photograph themselves is technically in the same category.

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@tonis: What about using existing images with Photoshop? In the Battle Contest featuring Gambit VS. Spider-Man, a user took images of Spider-Man and Gambit and used Photoshop. LeeThomasArt and Spawndon both objected to it, although they aren't running that contest. What is your opinion about that? LeeThomasArt uses photo manipulation and spawndown is using 3D but are objecting to photo shopped images.

I will admit I don't know much about SuperHeroGenerator but aren't these already existing images? Isn't that the same for the "Micro-Heroes" or "Mini-Heroes"? These are not allowed in the Image Galleries nor the contests last I checked. I don't know, I am at a quandary with this one. My point is he didn't make any alterations himself to those images unlike you or LeeThomasArt do. That was my deciding factor.

I don't know, using the G-damn computer is making things too easy to create things as opposed to someone actually drawing something. I may change my mind but I WOULD appreciate a Moderator to offer his or her opinion. That is MY right to ask for input and help. That is why they are Moderators. I am not "wrong" in any fashion, I am at an impasse. I am taking your input into consideration. I even say in my reply I thought about this for some time so it isn't like I am outright rejecting shadowdeath without consideration.


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@Decept-O: no ones saying your the bad guy, your confusion is understandable. Yes SuperHeroGenerator works with pre-existing templates but the user basically starts with a blank screen and has to select and do things to generate something that looks like what they want.

No it's not as elegant as actually drawing it yourself, far more restrictive in what you can produce, but it does indeed show the person is interested in actually trying to produce something to contribute to these contests nonetheless.

All in all it does not just 'magically' make what you want, you need to work with it and chances are afterwards load up photoshop or some other image editor to make your finalized product. The piece Shadow Death entered clearly took more than just the generator to produce because the generator does not produce images like the one he submitted. He had to create pieces from which he obviously used an image editor to do something with said pieces.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with doing that and it's no different than using a photo of a sky for a background or a 3d prop as an object. It all requires post work and effort that shouldn't be ignored or rejected, at least not for these contests here.

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@tonis: OK. I am still on the fence about it but I don't want to be an ass. I will accept the entry. I like it don't get me wrong.

Yet I need a break from the site for a bit so hopefully a Mod can help with this contest.

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@PoachedPig: Love the Brachiosuarus-esque lizard form.

@Mad_Wolverine: Great wings, and the tag line is awesome too.

#42 Posted by PoachedPig (80 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanks, and yeah hopefully not my last one.

thanks a lot you guys

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Many Oke has the ability to turn into a giant gorilla, known as The Grate Allirog. When in this form, Allirog spends his time helping people (and definitely not kidnapping wemon, climing sky scrapers and fiting airplains).

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@Rockfall: I want a Great Allirog t-shirt. I'd wear it everywhere.

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@feebadger said:

@Rockfall: I want a Great Allirog t-shirt. I'd wear it everywhere.

hahaha, second that one. It reminds me of one of my all time favorite cartoons, Grape Ape :)

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@feebadger: @tonis: thank you very much :)

#47 Posted by Decept-O (8077 posts) - - Show Bio

@Rockfall: Great idea, concept and art. Nice job.

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@spawndon: @Decept-O: @KEROGA:

Thanks :)

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@Decept-O: thank you

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My official entry. Her name is Chelsea Aunders. She's sort of like Man-Bat but less bat more Harpie-ish I guess. She's an anti hero who doesn't play by the rules to save those in need. I hope everyone likes! :D