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Amazing entries from everyone, I'm really happy with how this turned out. Let the voting begin.

foldingstar  - Ms Marvel Tron


payno - Green Lantern Tronified
IcePrince_X - Kabuki Tron
mannycartoon - Old School Captain America Tron
Achilles - Rinzler 2.0
lazyman - Kermit the Frog Tron
Icarusflies - Flash Tron

innocence - Ryu Street Fighter Tron

Bearded Justice - Batman Tron
TheBatman586 - Daft Punk Green Lantern Trons
MrFuzzyNutz - Daredevil Tron
UdontKnowMe - Rogue Tron
tonis - Bat-Tron
Voting Ends May 16th
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Damn, great job to everyone. 

My vote goes to Tonis. 
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Love the entrys!

It's tonis for me though! =)

Really wicked job on tron-batz!

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whew, the second tough choice of the day.

gonna go with mannycartoon
Not only is that a wickedly cool drawing style but it reminds me of some of the old Archie heroes I used to get into back in the day. Nice job Man.

Awesome contest Lobster, very epic results all around :)
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This is so hard. Obviously I'm biased in favor of Rogue...but Tonis makes that Batman look super sexy, just as Payno does for Kyle....

Gonna have to go with Tonis
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Great work everyone.  Got to give it up to Tonis! Very killer. Also to payno. I really like your style.


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So much creativity in this one...

My vote goes to Tonis for his absolutely stunning rendition of Batman.  If the JLA ever has a Tron crossover I want this to be his look!

Also a special mention to Icarusflies for her take on the Flash.  Watching those neon wisps streak behind him would be a beautiful sight.

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Tonis gets my vote.


Holy Pepperoni this was a hard one.  lazyman's entry cracks me up, I LOVE it!!!

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Gotta go with Tonis

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Im going to go with Payno on this one.

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payno - Green Lantern Tronified    
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Whoever drew the Rogue one.

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This one is hard, I have it narrowed down to 2 but i just can't choose...................................


Flipping a coin to see who gets my vote !


Vote goes to Tonis !


All of these designs rocked !

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I think it's time to call it a night and announce the winner.

Congratulations Tonis!!

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@The Lobster said:
I think it's time to call it a night and announce the winner. Congratulations Tonis!!
sorry, missed this on the radar for some reason. Will post the next one by tomorrow afternoon.
Thanks all on the votes, it's my first character creation :)
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really cool shizzle went on here