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 Upon the Request of CuttingEdgeKomix 
Here are the Entries:

Decoy Delight 

These little guys are Golo(the demon) and Haven(the angel) they're the shoulder devil/angel duo of a young orphan. They end up helping the kid more than commanding him and are quite saddened when Heaven and Hell go to war, forcing them to abandon the kid. After a bit of shenanigans the two decide to team up in order to end the war(them teaming up is likely to end it because Angels and Demons are insanely powerful when working together) 




An Archangel of the Highest Order sent to haunt down  the Third Order , divine beings of angelic origin out to destroy both angels and devils so that they can take over mankind. 
Light Based powers 
Can compel beings of weak mind to tell the truth  
Angelic Voice ( a divine sonar based powers with varying effects depends on the encantations being sung) this is the reason he has a cover on his mouth and he only speaks through his mind because any word utter can either heal or kill.
Hell Babe 
A High Class Level Demon sent by Satan to find out about the Third Order and possible the elimination of its members.  
Psionic based powers 
Demon summoning  


 so, for the most part, my angel is wearing tights. 
the snake looking dragon, is a demon shape shifter. he is known to be deceitful and careless, but even with his mischievous characteristics he shouldn't be taken lightly, he has the potential to level cities with ease. his name is Deasin.
the angel was 1 of 100 human babies genetically altered to have genes of an angel. he belives he is a real angel sent from God to protect humans. he does not have a name, he goes by whatever the humans call him.
one day he sees a human being attacked by a demon. with all his might he saves the human and slays the demon. the human gives an evil smile and morphs into a demonic form. introducing himself as a Deasin, he says he is forever grateful for the angels help. the angel, angry at the fact that he saved a demon, attacks without a thought, but Deasin easily blocks his attack. Deasin explains that he is on a quest to kill demons that walk the earth, but the demon that the angel just killed cursed Deasin with a spell that forces him to never kill another demon again. so Deasin explains to the angel that he is able to track demons down with his powers, but since he cannot kill them himself he needs his help. after much consideration the angel agrees to accompany Deasin on his quest. and this is where their story starts..  


 Fallen Angel is a sort of a rebelion type of a character kicked out of heaven, that uses guns and has disappearing wings. Her shadow has a mind of its own. It's a projection of her subconsciousnes, reappearing as a demon, a shadow warrior to keep the forces between heaven and hell balanced.     
voting ends on September 25, 2010 

Okay... start voting and Good luck to all! 
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My vote goes for Innocence...
I like the idea that the depiction of "hell" is a snake!

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IcePrince_X. Although the other entries are very good too.
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I vote for AJ... the concept of the character/s is very nice.

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Decoy Elite

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I'll go with AJ too

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I gotta go with LT1085's submission. Gorgeous and mischievous, well done. 
Was a tough choice, AJ's is exceptional as well.

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Going with  LT1085's.

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I vote for AJ.  It is difficult to illustrate anyone when they are in repose, at an angle, with their head turned.  It isn't perfect but it is still good.  I also like the concept and colors.   
The other entries are good as well, was very close, but I think out of the bunch I have to go with AJ for the reasons I stated.  
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UGHHHH its so hard to deceided but im gonna go with AJ :D
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Some really good ones here, my vote goes to AJ
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AJ, good presentation...
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so voting finally ends... 
The Winner is AJ ! 
and you may start the next round of this contest!!!

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great stuff

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Where is the new contest?

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Holly smokes! Totally forgot bout that. Really hadn't had the time even to check the site for the last few weeks. Really sorry bout that. However I'm guite new to this page so I don't really know how this works, how do I post new contest, or enything really. If someone can give me directions or maybe it would just be for the best if someone else continues, especialy because I've allready taken so much of your time and patiance. I appologize for that! Thank you.