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Rules: Artists, you'll be given a set of parameters in which to create a character. Anything not specified in the creation criteria is 100% up to the imagination  of the creator.

The Criteria:
                     The character can be male or female,

                      The character cannot have any powers but can still be a "super"
                      Example: Iron Man and Batman 

                      Remember to give your character a good backstory. If you have good 
                      idea but believe you don't have any artistic skills, then I would
                      suggest you do what Argentino_18 did on the last contest and team up
                      with another user to do the art... 
Deadline: December 14th
Have fun!!! 
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sounds good...mmm barbarian princess or futuristic hottie :)?

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@Selkirk said:
" sounds good...mmm barbarian princess or futuristic hottie :)? "
Futuristic.. all the way!
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whipped this up real quick
im gonna color it in and give her a name and backstory tonight P:

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@Kid Anarchy: That looks like a mix between Jacosta and something that came out of the movie AI!
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futuristic  barbarian princess hottie.  
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@CuttingEdgeKomix said:
"@Selkirk: futuristic  barbarian princess hottie.   "

Even better!
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I' am teaming up again with Frisch DVH, it haves a great Back Story and Frisch DVH art is awesome...

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@sora_thekey: i actually had Paragon in mind when i was drawing her but she turned out more like Aresia 
well heres my hero , AU
Name: Alexandra Uwoska
Codename: AU
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 134 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Ethnicity: Polish 
Further Notes: has a piercing on her right leg of a heart and key attached by a lifeline
Her Story:
My name is Alexandra Uwoska and my life as a super heroine, although short live, was interesting at the least. As a teenager i was a snotty, stuck-up, obnoxious brat. I took advantage of everyone and my behavior was terrible and i fought on a weekly basis. I must've been suspended at least 14 times. Expelled 3. My step father sent me to an all girls boarding school to shape up. My time there was horrible and annoying. The girls got under my skin and within a week i got kicked out for throwing a girl down the stairs. My step father did not allow me back in the house and i had to roam the streets. However a man found me wandering one day and took me in. Chester was his name. Although I thought he was just a kind stranger tring to help me, i was wrong. He constantly raped me. Worse off, i let him. For 2 years he took advantage of me. However, on my 18th birthday, i stole his money and headed to the next plane to America. 
I thought i was home free. Free from my previous troubles. I had taken enough of his money to live a well off life. Then the plane swerved and tipped forward. We were crashing. I panicked. I was sure i was going to die when we hit the water. All i remembered was a crash. However i was dry. And alive? When i regained consciousness i realized we had crashed on an island. But i still had no idea how i survived. I was stuck in between two of the airplane seats. Other than a scratch on my chin and a scar on my left leg, i was fine. It was truly a miracle, i thought.
The island was completely deserted. For 3 months i lived on that island. I learned to hunt. My reflexes were amazing. My agility and stealth was astounding. I felt superior to the animals that roamed the jungle. More powerful. However, one day when trying to hunt a jaguar, i was cornered. 5 of them leapt on me and i was taken by surprise. I was able to kill them, but not without getting injured. One was able to bite my left arm off. I yelled so loud and passed out from the loss of blood. I was sure i was a goner again.
It turns out a man named Tony Stark had taken a date to this private island. He saved my life. He took me back to the Avenger's Mansion and him and an android named Vision created a robotic arm for me. This arm gave me super strength.
I stood under supervision of the Avengers as they took care of me. I stood in the mansion for a while. With the new arm, i believed I'd make a good addition to the team. Tony even agreed to make me an even better suit that gave me advanced abilities. But i declined his offer. I wasn't yet ready.
Eventually i caved in and Tony and Vision made me a newer more advanced suit. A new golden shoulder piece and arm gave me a heightened strength. The was also a laser shooter located in my palm and on my wrist, a pocket in which bombs and capsules could pop out. I was also given a golden left glove with clawed finger tips, sharp enough to cut through steel. My headpiece allowed me super sight and super hearing in my left eye and ear. It also had a built in mouthpiece that allowed me to disguise my voice. The boots given to me allowed me to fly and my anti gravity belt made me weigh less or heavier. The entire suit was made of gold and i donned the name AU.
I joined the Avengers and was with them for three years. It was definitely the time of my life. I also formed a relationship with my fellow teammate, Tony aka Iron Man. We were an amazing couple if i do say so myself. All was amazing until the fight with the Wrecking Crew. while fighting Thunderball, i killed an innocent girl and her mother. The guilt was overbearing. Her family pressed charges. The people hated me. I was no longer the role model i tried so hard to be. I could no longer be a hero. Heroes didn't kill. In secrecy, i asked Hank Pym to make me another arm. An arm that looked normal but was completely functional. I then wrote a note to leave for Tony:
                                          Tony, the life I've been living, although amazing at one point, is no longer for me. I've outgrown it. The guilt is unbearable. I cannot be a hero. It is no longer in my heart. I no longer want to hurt another person. Good or bad, for justice or personal gain. My suit is left in my old bedroom. Do not search for me. It's the best for us both. I am having Emma erase my mind. All memories of you and my life as an Avenger will all be gone and I'll be far away. I love you.
I then sat across from Emma and the memories began to fade away.
i had so much fun working on this piece P: hope you guys like it :)
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@Kid Anarchy:
Love it.. great concept!
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well done...very nice background story and i like the first person point of view :).

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Doku Shojo

No Caption Provided

Real Name: (given no name by the Hand except her warrior name that is Doku Shojo)
Real Parents: Kwannon (mother); Matsu'o Tsurayaba (father)
Age: 19 years old
Abilities and Skills:
Trained by the Hand to take in different types of poison since she was a baby, she is literally became a poisoned maiden. A single drop of her sweat can kill three grown men in seconds.
She is adept to all types of martial arts and weapons but is more akin with the poisoned laced ribbon which houses a thousand prickly ivy leaves that kills any living creature it touches.  

If one would look at her, she really looks like her mother, Kwannon, whose body is now housing the psionic X-Men Psylocke. 
Doku Shojo was taken by Kenuichio Harada (Silver Samurai) from Kwannon upon the order of Lord Nyoirin who knew and despised the father of the child. Kwannon fearing the life of her new born baby, vowed her loyalty once again to Lord Nyoirin and promised not to mention about the child to  Matsu'o Tsurayaba.  Lord Nyoirin obliged but said she will never see her child grow up as she will be trained to be a special assassin. As she vowed herself to her master, she could only hope that her baby will be spared as promised.
As early as a baby, Doku Shojo will be made to drink low dosages of poison to build her immunity as well as make her "poisoned" herself. She will never know her parents even when she is told of their names and accomplishments.  Nevertheless she made to believe that if she does well, she may earn the right to see her parents.

In one of her mission, she was able to chance upon Psylocke and immediately, she knew it was her long lost mother. She tried to make contact but when Psylocke started to speak, she knew there was something wrong and decided to retreat vowing to know the history of Psylocke.   Lord Nyoirin before his death, was able to deceive Doku Shojo that Psylocke forced her mind to her mom's body and that her mother's soul is trapped in the strong telepath's consciousness. Doku vowed revenge on Psylocke.
Her opportunity came but being just a mere assassin is no match to highly trained telepath with a body trained for any martial arts attacks. Psylocke plunged her psychic knife on Doku Shojo and all of the sudden her body trembled making her fall down. Kwannon's spirit suddenly appeared before Psylocke and told her, she may have her body but she will never allow Psylocke to kill or harm her daughter. For the first time, since Psylocke inhabited Kwannon body when she once again used her psychic blade on Doku Shojo nothing happened as if the young assassin is immune to her powers and instead she felt an overwelhming feeling of care and even love. Psylocke hugged Doku Shojo but since the girl's body's sweat is also poisoned, Psylocke fell on the ground. 
The hug gave Doku Shojo a big shock  and shame as well as confusion making her flee from the scene. Crying for knowing that she finally felt her mother's love but the emptiness in her grew bigger knowing too well that she can never be close again.      
Psylocke survived the encounter with Doku Shojo with the help of her adopted daughter, Shereen Malady but Kwannon's appearance somewhat left its mark as there is a growing want on her part to look for the young poisoned maiden.
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@The Phoenix Child: You seems to like the Hand a lot don't you?
Great entry!
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They are good group to start of a character...I actually made it as such that Doku Shojo and Shereen Malady to almost have similar powers and trained initially by the Hand... I am building them up as arch enemies as they are technically half-sisters. Part of the poison fed to Doku Shojo came from Shereen and worst, Psylocke who now inhibits the body of Kwannon adopted Shereen, making it more meaningful for Doku to kill Shereen.
Thanks for appreciating my work sora_thekey... I might edit it before Monday...i just need to finish some homework and a project over the weekend first.

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@The Phoenix Child:  Cool
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@Argentino_18 said:
" @The Phoenix Child:  Cool "
I just edited her looks as well as some part of her history. I hope to see your work as well.
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@The Phoenix Child: Way cooler! love the edits made man!!!!
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@The Phoenix Child:  
No Caption Provided
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Thanks Argentino_18!

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 Straw Man
Used to be a mafia rat. Used to be beaten. Used to be called weak. Used to say he was made of straw. 
Its his time to reap.
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Weird, but awesome

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ok well here goes my newest creation-mallory magicka. she is an investigator of the supernatural ala hellblazer but without the powers. this time she is on the trail of a shield team that left afghanistan and is hiding out in california-rumor has it they are dabbling in the occult...without further ado:
powers-excellent martial arts skills, heavily tattooed,good with a gun
weaknesses-some of her musical tastes could be considered dubious(the misfits poster in her bedroom?)

 mallory magicka by selkirk
 mallory magicka by selkirk
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@Selkirk:  wow can I meet her Im sure we have the same music taste...   
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@pluton yeah she's a cool chick :D. been jamming on some old cult(electric album) and brought to mind all these other bands..

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m digging the double "B"... boobies and boots... oh! yeah!

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I'm waiting for Frisch to send me the art, and then I post it....

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@thephoenixchild double b ftw :D.

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In a Brand New Team up  with Frisch DVH


The Night
Johnny Costa 
Johnny was a unfortunate kid, his parents died in a plane crash when he was 5, and he went to live with his grandfather Giovanni, and old Librarian and teacher of History in the University. 
 His Grandfather was a very wise man but he also was strict, and Johnny didnt have a lot of luxuries when young, and even more his Grandfather not only wanted him to study, he trained, acrobatics, stealth, close combat and a lot more of skill, that seemed a pretty unlikely thing for a grandfather to teach.
When he was 18 he left his grandfather house and attending the University, while working in a cofee store named Fortissimo, the owner was an old firend of his grandfather and let him live in the room over the Cofee Store without rent.  
He didnt spoke to his grandfather until when he was about to be 20 years old he started to see things, he sensed that someone was following him, but he never could catch the stalker. The day he become 20, the owner of the Cofee Store, Mario Albano, told him that his grandfather was killed in a robbery, he was devastated and rushed towards his grandfather's home. 
He stayed there for days, alone and in silence, grieving for his closest relative death. While he was cleaning the house he found an archive with a lot of newspaper cuts about a Masked Vigilante named Notte (Night in Italian) that worked in the cit in the 50's,  lost of papers that seemed pieces of case files or notes about investigations, and even a book made of  information about that guy Notte, with some vert old information about him, he glimpsed one of the dates, it was 1420. While checking that he heard noises on the kitchen. He rushed towards there and finded a teenager girl, dressed in goth clothes. 
He started to shout, but the girl didnt notice him, she was eating some cookies and didnt even turn to see him. He got nearer the girl and tried to catch her, but it seemed like she was made of fog, and Johnny freaked out, he fell into the floor and crawled towards the far corner of the kitchen(he is such a wussy). 
 The girl stood up and walked towards him, he shrieked in horror when the girl leaned towards him, but the only thing she said was "- you want some?-" while shaking the bag of cookies, He started to calm down and tried to give some logic to the things he saw, but he didnt had time to when the girl easily lifted him up to his feets and moved him towards a chair, she sitted in front of him and started speaking in Latin. 
He didnt even understanded a world of what she was saying, and when the girl noticed that, she shifted to English.  "- Hello Johnny, or in other terms  Luca Costa descendant.-" He stayed in silence while he was trying to manage that, but she didnt stopped "- I come in behalf of one of the parts of the contract your ancestor signed, to serve my lord Nero as his personal servant for the time of 600 hundred years, since 1420 to 2020-"  
"-What!?-" Johnny shouted,"- you're telling me I need to serve a old man and cleaning his mess?-" he said angrily, but the girl wasnt surprised at all "-So he didnt tell you-" she wispered, "- Your grandfather also did this, and the archive you find is his work log, you arent going to serve a rich old man, and you arent going to clean the mess in a house, you 're going to clean this city, and I'm not talking about garbage, not literaly garbage -" She calmly said. 
And with that encounter Johnny Costa discovered the legacy of his family, Luca, his ancestor was dying from a wound he got in a fight with one drunk in a tavern, he roamed aimless through the streets of Venecia, until someone picked him up and made him enter a house, there someone asked him if he wanted to live and he answered, but the payment for that healing wasnt heard by Luca that was in the verge of the Death, and so he become Notte, a Masked Vigilante that only appears at night and fights against the scum that lurks in the night, polluting it's beauty. 
Lord Nero, the one Luca pacted with was (according to his own words written in the Log of Luca) the physical form of the night, and he hated people making sins under the stars and the moon, becouse he didnt created them for helping the sinner eyes to reach the prey, he created them for the lovers, for the romance and poetry. With this in mind, he tried to wipe the evil humans from his creation and becouse a higher power didnt let him interfere in human world he used this contracts to create this guardians. But he was limited to have only one at the same time. So for not having the same trouble over and over, he gave Luca this contract with the 600 years pact. 
But he didnt left Luca to fight unnarmed, he gave the Costa Family one artifact, the Cloak of Shadows , that gived the user the ability to hide in the shadows, to move from one shadow to another one and nightvision, with this object of power all the Nottes have fighted crime until their last breath, and Johnny was about to start in the family business. After accepting that he didnt have a chance to escape the contract, the girl, called Ombra, showed him were his grandfather stuff was keeped and he gived some training to use the cape and some money to update his grandfather gear. 
Now he fights the sinners that act at night and uptading the name of his Legacy he became The Night.  
Quote: I'am the Night 
Unarmed Combat (Box and Savate mostly) 
Cloak of shadows 
Kevlar Suit 
Padded Guantlets 
Grappling Gun

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Nice entries guys...
Later today I'll post the voting thread... so if there's any last minute entries ... now's your chance!

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@Argentino_18: I just love "Notte"'s looks!! The fact that his mission is based upon leggacy it pretty cool too!