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Hello Comic vine. My name's Luke and I'm a comic artist amongst other things.... here's a differtent take on some Batman villains that weren't used in the latest movies. I hope you guys enjoy them. http://lukemandie.blogspot.ie/ http://lukemandieart.deviantart.com/gallery/

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@tzarluke: Well done, they're excellent. Out of interest, what computer programs did you use?

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they're great one point of critique Starr is the marvel egghead

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Amazing artwork.  I gotta admit I'm not sure who they all are.  My guess is: - 
1) Mr Whisper??? 
2) Poison Ivy 
3) Clayface??? 
4) Black Mask 
5) Killer Croc 
6) Joker/Ra's Al Ghul

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Oh I thought number 4 was Murmur

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@Red_Jack: I know i'm not the artist the first one is solomon grundy, the third one is egghead and the last is the flamengo.

I have a suggestion for you the mad hatter

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Those are awesome!

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Excellent work. Very detailed. I take it you are Luke Mandie? Welcome to the Showoff board. Haven't seen you before. Glad to have you join us! :)

Looking forward to more posts!

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Wow! This work is magnificent! What software do you use?

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@DarkKnight1939:Hello. Thanks. I used photoshop for these with the basic round brushes. I hope that helps!

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@Loki9876:Wow - thank you. I stand corrected! Good to someone who knows his Egghead.

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Your Poison Ivy seems to be missing something. Like... clothes.

Not that that's a complaint.

Aside from that, it's nice to see the lesser known Batman villains get some attention. Don't know why, but after seeing these, I'd really like to see your take on Martian Manhunter.

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@JonSmith: Ha! yes. I thought Ivy's obvious choice of clothes would be none at all... she has no need for clothes in my little world. And as for the Manhunter: thanks, thats the best suggestion I've had yet! He's a great character and it would be a real challenge to re-imagine him to fit in this world! He is defo now on my list... I'm currently preparing a few other things, Red Hulk being the next I think. Thanks again

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@Red_Jack:No probs, the labelling is a little small. From Top left scrolling right: SOLOMON GRUNDY, POISON IVY, EGGHEAD, THE BLACK MASK, KILLER CROC and THE FLAMINGO. I hope that helps