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Posted by gmanfromheck (42085 posts) - - Show Bio

It's almost time for New York Comic Con. Several of the artists whose art you'll see below will be there. That means the possibility of another Mystery Art Challenge.

Each week we gather up the coolest comic art you won't see in comics. These artists often do sketches for commissions and for fun and post them on their blogs, Tumblrs, Twitter pages, etc. It often gives them the chance to draw characters they normally don't get the chance to.

Check out the final version of Peter Nguyen's DC Women. He will have prints available at NYCC and some limited black and white versions. He also posted an X-Men on his Tumblr.

== TEASER ==

Daniel HDR will also be at NYCC. He'll have his sketchbook and prints available and has been posting several pre-con sketches on his Tumblr lately.


You'll be able to say hello to Michael Walsh at NYCC. Here's a couple sketches he posted on his Tumblr.


Last week we mentioned that Chris Giarrusso will have the first issue of his latest G-MAN comic available at NYCC. You'll be able to get it there first before any place else. Check out these other pics he posted on his site. The Cyber Force cover will be a variant for next week's issue.


Todd Nauck has posted bits of this X-Men circa 1984 pic on his Tumblr. I have to admit I absolutely loved this version of the team.


Check these sketches Agnes Garbowska posted on her Tumblr. You can find her NYCC information there as well.


Marcus To donated this piece for the Charity Art Auction for the St. Jude's Children Research Hospital. You can find out more on his Tumblr or by clicking here.


Joel Gomez is mixing things up a little. Take a look at these three sketches he posted on his Tumblr. It's always interesting when artists show their different styles.


Have you visited Brett Booth's blog? Each week he posts a sketch. Check his Hulk vs. the Fantastic Four and his Red Robin redesign.


Mahmud Asrar will also be at NYCC. He'll have his sketchbook available and will be doing commissions as well. Check out some examples posted on his Instagram account.


Paolo Rivera will be at NYCC as well. He's done some pre-con sketches already. Check out this Tony Stark/Iron Man he posted on Twitter today. Check out Paolo's blog for a bunch of behind the scenes look at his work.


Dan Parent posted this commission on his Facebook this week. Imagine if we could actually see something like this happen.


Dustin Nguyen has been busy lately on different projects. Check out this sketch of Orko he posted on his Tumblr.


Marcio Takara has been posting several pre-con sketches on his Tumblr as well. The last was a request for Wonder Woman as Batwoman.


Cameron Stewart posted some sketches he recently did on his Instagram account.


Philip Tan added another sketch to his Facebook page. Check out his Scarlet Witch.


Each week after watching the latest episode of Doctor Who, Francesco Francavilla does a minimalist poster of how he interprets the episode and posts it on his blog. Here's his interpretation of episode 7.05, "The Angels Take Manhattan."


That's it for this week. Not sure if we'll have an installment for next week since we'll be at New York Comic Con. If you're there and see us, be sure to say hello. If you go and see any of the artists you've seen here, make sure to let them know you saw their work here.

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#1 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

Cameron Stewart's Power Girl and Agnes Garbowska's Stitch-Loki and Stitch-Thor are GREAT! And Mahmud Asrar's Baronness is simply amazing!

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#2 Posted by InnerVenom123 (29887 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm kinda disappointed in the newest Doctor Who pic by that guy.

He's usually so damn amazing.

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That Red Robin redesign looks amazing. And Nguyen, Booth, Takara and Asmar made great ones again.

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Cameron Stewart's artwork is always a pleasure to look at.

I'm curious, though, about the context for Brett Booth's Red Robin redesign up there. Was that an unused design for the New 52, or a new redesign to replace his current outfit, or what?

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#5 Edited by Necrotic_Lycanthrope (2501 posts) - - Show Bio

Even in a drawing, Ironman looks a little buzzed up.


I don't always drink martinis. But when I do, I do it in my iron suit. Stay super my friends.

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I love the do pic reflects the episode perfectly :D really ominous too

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope said:

Even in a drawing, Ironman looks a little buzzed up.


I don't always drink martinis. But when I do, I do it in my iron suit. Stay super my friends.

Love it.

Have to admit I also love the '84 X-Men, esp Storm and Rogue. Nice one and all the work on display, great stuff as always.

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That Phoenix near the end. It just pops out on the page. It looks awesome.

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#9 Posted by BoyWander (333 posts) - - Show Bio

Can that be Red Robin's new outfit? I really don't like his costume right now. The Window Shades look never appealed to me. It's just silly. Honestly the Red Robin suit during Marcus To's run on it was the best.

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#10 Posted by kid Apollo (954 posts) - - Show Bio

R.I.P. Amelia Pond and Rory William s

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#11 Posted by Johnny-Hart (12 posts) - - Show Bio

Wonder Woman as Batwoman? WTF? How can one even tell?

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#12 Posted by ARMIV2 (10004 posts) - - Show Bio

Awwwwwww MAN! These are all too good!

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#13 Posted by MAJID (9 posts) - - Show Bio

RIP Amy and Rory

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#14 Posted by htb106 (1724 posts) - - Show Bio


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#15 Posted by pikahyper (16750 posts) - - Show Bio

yay Stitch !!!

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#16 Posted by Dark_Vengeance_ (15333 posts) - - Show Bio

Man! I want that redesign to happen, but maybe give him his cowl back or leave the domino mask.

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#17 Posted by They Killed Cap! (2268 posts) - - Show Bio

Love the tony stark

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#18 Posted by Miss_Garrick (1763 posts) - - Show Bio

Great stuff!!

My favorite version of X-Men.

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#19 Posted by umbrafeline (5919 posts) - - Show Bio

i love it all except red robins mask. wtf is that supposed to be a beak?

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#20 Posted by Big_Nasty (413 posts) - - Show Bio

The tim drake and the all dc female picture is awesome .

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#21 Posted by Night Thrasher (3815 posts) - - Show Bio

Philip Tan once again impresses me. Mahmud Asrar also impresses.

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#22 Posted by danhimself (21430 posts) - - Show Bio

that Red Robin redesign is amazing!!!!!

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#23 Posted by CitizenJP (779 posts) - - Show Bio

Red Robin and Tony Stark with the Martini glass are so amazing!

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#24 Posted by evilvegeta74 (4673 posts) - - Show Bio

@Miss_Garrick: I miss this Xmen group, also my favorite.

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#25 Posted by Man of Lengend (1019 posts) - - Show Bio

I love


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#26 Posted by Dark_Phoenix00x (130 posts) - - Show Bio

Really liking that Apocalypse by Gomez and the DC Woman by Tan is amazing. Would love to see a similar pic done for the Xmen

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@ahgunsillyo said:

I'm curious, though, about the context for Brett Booth's Red Robin redesign up there. Was that an unused design for the New 52, or a new redesign to replace his current outfit, or what?

Rejected concept. Apparently, DC was hellbent on giving Red Robin wings. No idea why.

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#28 Posted by mattwing87 (441 posts) - - Show Bio

I love the Red Robin redesign! Way better than his original costume and slightly better than the New 52 costume. The beaked masked is bitchin'!

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#29 Posted by Jaymundo (198 posts) - - Show Bio

My favourite is Hulk, so damn detailed.

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#30 Posted by KnightRise (4811 posts) - - Show Bio

Every time I see that Red Robin redesign it makes me sad that thats not his actual costume

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#31 Posted by TDK_1997 (17253 posts) - - Show Bio

The Thanos one by Joel Gomez is awesome!

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#32 Posted by MadeinBangladesh (12451 posts) - - Show Bio

Dat Ironman art is Dope

Love the DC Women and XMEN drawings!

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Paolo Rivera's depiction of Tony with the martini is classic, Bret Booth's artwork is so good, and I love 80's X-Men. I've always loved 80's and 90's X-Men the most.

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#34 Posted by SpitfireINK (245 posts) - - Show Bio


That's Apocalypse

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#35 Posted by SpitfireINK (245 posts) - - Show Bio

@danhimself: All except that goofy visor.

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My favorite of the bunch:

And I found this interesting:

I'm not sold on the hair or the visor, but I like:

  • The return of a real cape
  • The Han Solo style belt, which matches Stephanie Brown's batgirl belt which I think is appropriate
  • Removing all the thin yellow straps which make me think of the 90s
  • Narrowing the red portion on the chest so it doesn't bleed over onto the arms and comes to a tighter V at the waist
  • More definition on the gauntlets and the boots (although I'm not crazy about how the boots look padded)
  • Losing the shoulder patch was a surprisingly good move
  • Putting the red robin logo at the center of the chest

I still hate the name Red Robin, but at least this costume is less terrible.

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#37 Posted by Superdork (1035 posts) - - Show Bio

My Faves:

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#38 Posted by danhimself (21430 posts) - - Show Bio

@SpitfireINK: I don't know...I think I'd need to see some different angles before I fully don't like the visor....it might look better with a domino mask though

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#39 Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope (2501 posts) - - Show Bio


Lol, I like that team line-up too. Too bad nowadays the original Giant Size X-Men group's been split into infinity worse than the Avengers roster.

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#40 Posted by vesavius (61 posts) - - Show Bio

That Hulk is fuckin scary :)

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#41 Posted by Grey56 (819 posts) - - Show Bio

'80s X-Men, what else could you want ? Though that Agnes chick does some cute stuff, I shall admit.

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#42 Posted by Protin (54 posts) - - Show Bio

Nice stuff

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#43 Posted by AnonymousMC (22 posts) - - Show Bio

So many awesome entries!!! Love this weeks pics!

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#44 Posted by feargalr (1245 posts) - - Show Bio

That Red Robin redesign is freakin sweet! Love the mask

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#45 Posted by sinestro_GL (3651 posts) - - Show Bio

The Annataz is actually pretty clever considering the facts ^^

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I really like the Red Robin redesign, except for the visor. I kind of wish they'd just kept the cowl.

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#47 Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k (5636 posts) - - Show Bio

Awesome stuff.

Seeing those Francavilla-posters makes me wanna see DR. Who. Well, some day.

@Happy_Evil_Dude said:

Wonder Woman as Batwoman? WTF? How can one even tell?

She`s WW?

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#48 Posted by badak_jantan (12 posts) - - Show Bio
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That Iron Man's got old-school swag! ^_^

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#50 Posted by AoDfan (8 posts) - - Show Bio

80's X-Men will always be my favorite X-Men. Storm should always have a Mohawk.