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Each week we gather up the coolest comic book art we can find that will never appear in actual comics. The reason they won't is because artists often do sketches for fun or commissions and post them on their sites, blogs, Tumblrs and Twitter pages. You can sometimes even arrange for commissions through those pages so be sure to check them out.

Philip Tan hasn't been updating his Tumblr but has been posting a bunch of sketches on his Facebook page. Check these out.




I came across this image of Superman on Adam Pollina's Facebook page. What has he been doing lately? He's using this as his "cover photo."


While Brett Booth is busy drawing pictures for Scott Lobdell, he's also posting the occasional sketch on his blog. Here's a couple he posted this week of Redbird (Damian) and Wonder Woman.


Mike McKone has posted a few new colored sketches on his Twit Pic page.


Marcio Takara has been posting some recent commissions on his Tumblr.


Speaking of commissions, Chris Burnham was at the Wizard Chicago convention last week. He posted some more commissions on Twitter including Damian and Bat-Cow!


While we're on the subject of Damian, Ron Salas posted some sketches on his site including future Damian as Batman.


Lots of Damian this week. Dustin Nguyen posted a sketch of him as well on his Tumblr, along with one of Stephanie Brown.


What about Joker? Michael Walsh posted a sketch of him on his Tumblr.


Mahmud Asrar also posted a pic of Joker on Instagram, along with one of Supergirl. (Did you read SUPERGIRL #12 this week?)


Daniel HDR has been taking pre-NYCC commissions on his Tumblr and Instagram. You can also find out more information on his blog here on Comic Vine.


Skottie Young has done a few Daily Sketches on his website this week. It's always interesting to see what he decides to do.


Jeremy Roberts posted a New 52 Justice League image on his Deviant Art page inspired by Michael Turner's cover to JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #12.


And here's a non-colored version:


Todd Nauck is doing a Captain Marvel pic for a NYCC charity auction. Here's an early look at it plus a couple others posted on his Tumblr.


Just as there was lots of Damian this week, the same is with Joker. Here's another Robert Atkins posted on his blog, along with a Venom and Lady Jaye.


Paolo Rivera posted a nice Mary Jane commission on his blog. And even though this Daredevil image is from the cover to issue #20, it's always great to get a glimpse at the original art.


Joel Gomez also did a Daredevil piece and posted it on his Tumblr.


Agnes Garbowska posted a couple recent commissons of Spider-Man and Robin on her Tumblr this week.


Ben Templesmith posted some more art on his Instagram account.


Time for another Batman sketch. Here's one from Freddie Williams II posted on his Twit Pic page.


Chris Giarrusso showed his version of Dracula on his website this week. He also posted a Tribute Tuesday, which is actually a Kickstarter-exclusive cover for Joe Martino's THE MIGHTY TITAN.


Last week we saw Denis Medri's 80s High School Star Wars redesigns. Here's one last one featuring Jabba, Emperor Palpatine and Grand Moff Tarkin. He also did a tribute piece for Elvis along with 70s vigilante style redesign of Punisher. I have a feeling we'll see more of those next week.


Our last piece is another tribute. As you know, Joe Kubert passed last Sunday. Here's a nice piece Francesco Francavilla posted on his blog.


Tony Guerrero is the Editor-in-Chief of Comic Vine. You can follow him on Twitter@GManFromHeck.

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why does the first colorized image of superman look like prince?

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Love them all, as always.

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death has a serious case of man-face

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@umbrafeline said:

why does the first colorized image of superman look like prince?

now you mentioned it he does alittle

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Why does the re-designed Punisher remind me so much of Team Fortress 2 Sniper?

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Man, there are BEAUTIFUL pieces here!

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Yeah, always a feast for the eyes.

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Pollina's Superman is beautiful. I think I've found my new AV.

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That Superman pic from Adam really reminds me of Smallville. Which reminds me has comic-vine posted anything about Batman being introduced in the Smallville comic?

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That Justice League is insane, wish he'd do an Avengers one similar

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Keep the Chris Burnham stuff coming, I love it! Big week for Damian on here. He was in 1/3 of the pics in the article I think. Philip Tan does a mean Kingpin.

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#13 Posted by PowerHerc (86164 posts) - - Show Bio

A lot of really nice stuff here, especially by Phillip Tan.

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Man, Jeremy Roberts' Justice League is awesome! I like what he did with Cyborg. The design is simple, and it probably wouldn't change from panel to panel like in the comic book!

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The Justice League shot looks kinda off. Batman's chest is too big and his logo is too skinny. Wonder Woman doesn't wear a skirt anymore. Where's Aquaman? And what's up with the Cyborg redesign? Looks cool but kinda out of place. lol @ Flash looking like he's always gonna explode. lol

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Since when does Damian go by Redbird? And why? Did I miss something?

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#17 Posted by 321comicBOOKguy (14 posts) - - Show Bio

I love philip tans stuff and awsome to see batcow again!

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That Brett Booth Wonder Woman is dreadful. There's nothing right with the anatomy or her face (one of the ugliest depictions of Diana I've ever seen), which is a shame because the composition's nice. That and he's like a Budget Jim Lee. Mike McKone's Scarlet Witch on the other hand is gorgeous. And Marcio Takara's work is as beautiful and reliable as usual.

I think I've had my fill on Agnes Garbowska too, if you've seen a dozen of her cutsey pieces, you've seen all she can do, it's just generic and repetitive now - same faces, mostly the same two or three facial expressions, same poses with different hair and costumes. She's got no range as an artist.

Mahmud Asrar's Joker on the other hand is fantastic. So is the Kubert tribute, which there really should have been much more of this week!

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Good stuff. Very good.

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Brett Booth's stuff is gorgeous as always.

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Daredevil, Thor & Beta Ray Bill are awesome.

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That Turner-inspired, New 52, Justice league photo is brilliant, I do love team shots like that.

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I really like the venom

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#25 Posted by KRYPTON (2424 posts) - - Show Bio

Great works of art! Very great!

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Mike McKone's Scarlet Witch and Bill are worth mentioning too. Anyone know if he is currently doing an ongoing?

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#27 Posted by Icon (2253 posts) - - Show Bio

This is a really good week for awesome art picks. I love that there is an Inspector Gadget one. XD

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Love the justice league one woah, what awesome art!!

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Skottie Young for the win!

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The art of Justice League is simply perfect!!

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When it said Captain Marvel, I got excited, because I thought it was the REAL Captain Marvel.

Then I got this crap...

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The venom and the JLH are reaaallyyy cooOl! ;)))

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@umbrafeline said:

why does the first colorized image of superman look like prince?

OMG I just looked at it again... that's because it IS Super Prince... may god save us all.

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@Battlepig said:

Since when does Damian go by Redbird? And why? Did I miss something?


BATMAN and TALIA AL GHUL continue their fight for control of their son DAMIAN – better known as ROBIN! • WINGMAN and REDBIRD descent upon GOTHAM CITY! Who are these heroes, and what is their relationship to THE DARK KNIGHT?

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that is one sweet Inspector Gadget O.O

the Kubert tribute is pretty awesome.

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awesome tan art.


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boy they like to show Skottie Young on here.

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So very cool. Best collection yet. :)

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@fps_dean said:

@umbrafeline said:

why does the first colorized image of superman look like prince?

OMG I just looked at it again... that's because it IS Super Prince... may god save us all.


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I would totally read an Inspector Gadget comic.

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Wow everything is great on this collection.

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What a great week for the pix. I loved them all.

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IS INspector Gadget some sort of cult hero or something he seems to show up in these art picks like everyother week. He never stuck me as that big of a deal.

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Tan and Takara are killing it! Love seeing their stuff.

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@umbrafeline said:

why does the first colorized image of superman look like prince?

Haha, I thought the same thing.

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I love Phillip Tan's stuff.

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These are easily my favourite features on comicvine. Great stuff.

Never really liked DD but gotta admit he looks pretty badass in these sketches.

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Anne Hathaway Catwoman was really good, so was Inspector Gadget. Still, IG as a serious character, weird. Also, love the Damien/Batman image. That would make a fun series.

Also, Brett Boothe is amazing.

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Wow, all of these are amazing. there wasn't one piece i didn't love.