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@jarrodthekidder: Jonah Hex

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My god it was like an overload of awesomeness this week..thanks Comicvine! Love the art!

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@btmt said:

What is the name of this character?

@btmt: At first I was getting a LeeLoo vibe from this sketch (Fifth Element). After a bit of research I'm thinking it could be related to Armitage http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0303678/ - either way, outstanding creation :)

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@jarrodthekidder said:

What is the name of this character? The cowboy with the scared face? http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/0/40/2605109-659925275.jpeg

It's Johah Hex

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Wow man, Freddie Williams has really improved! Good stuff overall!

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Wouldn't Spider-man's spider sense warn him when to bet and when to fold? Since Parker lives paycheck to paycheck, losing money would certainly register as a threat.

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The WW cover was my fav

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Alot of great art this week.

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@zerostar: Thanks!!!!!!!!!

I can see the similarity in both characters but she is from DC universe and I still don't get any idea about her, may be she is the new character going to be introduced in the upcoming DC comics. But the character artwork is really awesome.

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I can't understand your obsession with Todd Nauck and Peter Nguyen. They are awful!! And I don't mean this week I mean every single time!!!

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ha ha love this

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A lot of great work this week!!! Nauck, Walsh, and McKone are killin it! I loved all of Mike McKone's work this week :)

But i don't care for Freddie E Williams or Brett Booth at all.

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I like Mike Deodato's Hulks this week! Phillip Tan has really grown on me! I didn't used to like his work at all but I really love that Thanos picture! Nauck's Walking Dead picture is awesome!! And I always love Chris Giarrusso. I do Love Denis Medri's style too. I really enjoy Mike Walsh's heavy inks and I do love me some Dustin Nguyen so I'm excited to see that finished.

Mike McKone has been producing some AWESOME work on here! It makes me miss his run on Teen Titans a lot! And I always love me some Marcio Takara! Mahmud's ladies look lovely as always this week.

I don't see the appeal in Peter Nguyen's work. It's not terrible but all his people are so thin and have such awkward poses. I can understand why people would like Agnes Garbowska's stuff but I just dont like those big eyes she does, they creep me out. What I don't understand is the appeal in Freddie E Williams III's work. I've never really liked his style but this work here actually looks a lot better than his previous work. Maybe he'll grow on me too.

And I love Cliff Chiang's Wonder Girl cover haha