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Each week we gather up the latest and coolest comic art you won't see in comics. The reason you won't see them in comics is because artists often do sketches for fun and commissions. It gives them the opportunity to play around with characters they might not normally get the chance to in the books they're working on. It also gives us the chanced to be wowed by what they can do.

Paolo Rivera must be a busy guy when he goes to conventions. He's constantly posting sketches that he did on his blog each week. Check out his Steve Ditko-inspired Spider-Man.


That's not all from Paolo. Here's a look at Spider-Man from One Moment in Time and a Daredevil commission.


If you're looking for Batman art you can usually count on Dustin Nguyen to provide some. Check out these pics of Batman and Rocketeer posted on his Tumblr.


Daniel HDR has been posting lots of pics of commission sketch cards he's been doing. Thankfully he's been posting them on Instagram and his Tumblr. You can see the penciled versions of most at his Tumblr as well.


Marcus To just completed his HUNTRESS miniseries. He recently posted a sketch of Helena as well as one of Stephanie Brown on his Tumblr.


While the female characters are getting the spotlight, how about taking a look at a couple sketches Peter Nguyen posted on his Tumblr? Check out his Jean Grey and Black Widow.


I keep saying that Michael Walsh is a machine. He usually always posts several sketches each week on his Tumblr and it's always great to see what he's done. Check out his take on Planet of the Apes, the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith, Marcus Fenix fro Gears of War and Sherlock Holmes vs. Moriarty.


How about Silver Surfer? Over at Comic Twart, creators usually gather and give their interpretations on a character. Check out what's gone up so far.

Here's Francesco Francavilla's version.


Here's Ron Salas' take.


Gene Gonzales posts a variety of stuff on his site. He sometimes posts full sketches and other times we get to seem works in progress. Check out his version of Damian Wayne.


Agnes Garbowska's art always brings a smile to your face. She posted these on her Tumblr this week along with some other pieces.


And our final pieces falls under the "something different" category. Dan McDaid posted this on his blog and called it "Wolverman! Luthortooth! My eyes!"


That's it for this week. Be sure to check out the next installment. We just might have something a little different to add to it.

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Great pictures. I wanted to post an image Paolo Rivera posted on his site, but all it ways is this:

"SWFUpload has not loaded yet. Sit tight." Then, in the next second the button goes blank. and I'm unable to upload anything. Whats up?

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Absolutely loving that Nightcrawler!

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pretty cool

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Francisco Francavilla's Silver Surfer is beautiful. Id pay good money for that.

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Peter Nguyen's Black Widow makes me sad about the movie Black Widow. Reminds me of what could have been...

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Francavilla's Surfer is awesome 

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Wolverman! Luthortooth! awesome!

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Man, i love the weekly Awesome Art Picks section. Always keeps me inspired.

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I love ghost rider that one.

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LOL at the last one

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Peter Nguyen and Michael Walsh's works really stand out to me. Naturally I love the POTA piece. Yet again, everything here is incredible, the Silver Surfer, the Ghost Rider sketch card and then the last piece of "Wolverman"..icing on the cake!

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Silver Surfer ftw.

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Once again, this feature lives up to its name.

Francavilla needs to get a chance to draw everything.

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Oh I need that Rivera Daredevil! Really like the Marcus To Stephanie Robin too.

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Wow... amazing stuff all around. Love the piece with Spiderman reminiscing (OMIT)

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First Spider-Man looks like he really has to go to the bathroom.

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the last one was a shock to me 0.0

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Love Dustin Nguyen's first Batman pic.

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Good stufff as always. Wolverman image is goofy as all hell.

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Dat Surfer O_O

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Nguyen's Rocketeer and Francavilla's Silver Surfer just made my day :)

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@ArtisticNeedham: It just takes a second for the button to be ready to follow your orders. After it goes blank it will pop back up and then it is ready to use. I see it all the time.

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Love the Nightcrawler & Ghost Rider ones

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Phoenix and SilverSurfer are amazing

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@Renchamp: thanks.

here goes another try then. Still didn't work. Had to use the URL.

I LOVE seeing his process. I love seeing rough art and other's processes. So cool.

These are from his blog: http://paolorivera.blogspot.com/

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bishop brings me back

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Er huh. Cool. =]

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The surfer standing on the meteor is freaking epic

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that expression on Spidey from Paolo takes me back to the Spidey Super Stories on the Electric Company :)

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Awesome as usual

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@cattlebattle said:

The surfer standing on the meteor is freaking epic


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I pick a picture from these every time to have as my phone's background! Damien this week

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@Billy Batson said:

LOL at the last one

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Black widow... Wow

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@TheWitchingHour said:

Francisco Francavilla's Silver Surfer is beautiful. Id pay good money for that.

Yeah!! It's amazing

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Wolverman? LOL

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Good God this weeks art is great, well played sir!

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Love the Silver Surfers and Hulks

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Chibi Rocketeer! and Silver Surfer! <3

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Silver Surfer is epic. Would love that Pic.

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I'm digging Wolverman and Luthortooth.

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Lots of good pieces here!

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I would absolutely LOVE to have that Black Widow on my wall, just a massive one on a canvas

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Bishop one was good and the last one 'Wolverman' lol

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Very Nice.

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Huntress and Stephanie look good.

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I really like the Wolverman, because I'm the one who commissioned it from Dan McDaid! Nice job Dan, thanks!

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Brilliant work all around :)

My favorite of the bunch is without a doubt that Rocketeer from Nguyen :)

Though that Steph is looking lovely as well^^