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It's time to sit back and enjoy the coolest comic book art you won't see in comics. You might be asking why that is? If the art is so cool, shouldn't it be in actual comics? The answer is artists often do sketches for fun or commissions and post them on their Tumblrs, blogs and Twitter pages. The art is way to good to be overlooked.

People like Deadpool still, right? Robert Atkins posted a couple Deadpool images up on his blog. he also posted a sweet Moon Knight sketch. Check out his site for information about getting your own commissions from Robert.


It's funny, Robert said, "In my mind he's basically SnakeEyes with a personality...and more than a little crazy."

== TEASER ==

Speaking of commissions and buying art, Chris Samnee has sketches for sale on his site. Don't delay, buy today! You know they're not going to be on sale for long. Here's a few examples of what could be yours.


Michael Walsh recently started a "Sketch Request Mondays." Here's the most recent sketch posted of Red Robin. You need to check out his Tumblr to find out more and how to purchase some for yourself.


Have I mentioned how much I love Chris Giarrusso's art? Chris posted these sketches and Tribute Tuesday this week on his site.


Mike McKone posted a couple interesting pieces this week on his Twitter. Check out his Death of the Endless and 'Captain Joker and Mr. Quinn.'


Gene Gonzales is getting ready for HeroesCon. Be sure to visit him if you plan on attending. Check out this Two-Face sketch he posted on his blog this week.


Are you ready for this one? Check out Agnes Garbowska's version of one of her favorite scenes from The Avengers. She posted a Totoro sketch on her Tumblr as well.


Did you catch the Denis Medri art last week? Not only did he re-imagine the Avengers but he did some cool rockabilly Batman art. Here's another Batman he posted this week on his Deviant Art page.


Daniel HDR has been busy this week. Check out all the commissions he posted on his Tumblr. Be sure to go there to find out how you can get your own commissions.


Joel Gomez posted his version of the Miles Morales Spider-Man costume on his Tumblr this week.


Peter Nguyen posted several sketches this week on his Tumblr.


Mike Mayhew is supporting the Hero Initiative's HERO'S WISH program which gives back to families of the men and woman serving our countries. Check out this cover he posted via his Twitter.


Todd Nauck posted several sketches on his Tumblr this week but check out what he did on Draw Something!


We'll end this week's installment with some art from Dustin Nguyen. He posted a few sketches on his Tumblr and it's always great when you can see some of his humor reflected in his art.


That's it for this week. Be sure to check out the artists' sites for more. Feel free to let me know if you come across any other artists' pages you feel deserve to be spotlighted here.

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Storm and Loki were my favorite. Loved Agnes' artwork too.

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Love Agnes Garbowska's pic its so cool Peter Nguyen's Lantern is also very cool

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Tim Drake, Death of the Endless, Green Lantern and Storm and Loki are my favourites.

That Robert Atkins Deadpool is also great but isn't it a little old?

Anyways I love these Awesome Art Picks articles.

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Purply Death and Totoro. ♥

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That Emma Frost is greatttttttt. Nguyen is amazing ♥

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Rockabilly Batman for the win

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Great art.

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Green lantern and red robin looked awesome!

I liked Totoro too.

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That rendition of Death is amazing.

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this is AWSOME

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These are great - love seeing artist interpretations of characters where they give them a different look.

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The Emma Frost one is cool.

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The Green Lantern one's my favourite. And the last one with Superman and Batman made me chuckle.

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Who was that with storm? Also loved flash, hulk and thor, emma and joker an harley.
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@lifeboy: loki

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Beautiful artwork!!

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Awesome stuff :)

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Using the Green Lantern one as my wallpaper now. :)

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Last one is priceless.

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Superman sits in the chair, turns around to talk, but finds out Batman is not there anymore.

"Dude! Everytime! Why are you always vanishing??"

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McKone's Death of the Endeless FTW I say.

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I desperately miss that Red Robin outfit, after playing it on Arkham City Harley's Revenge...I just can't believe they change that look into the current look, bad bad decision.

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I love the Tim Drake and Green Lantern picture

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Peter Nguyen's Storm is excellent, all comic book art should be that calibre.

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So many awesome pics! I love the rockabilly Batman designs. These are two of my favorites:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Two-Face and the Riddler. I love how Two-Face is a preppy jock type and a greaser type. And I love Riddler's 3D glasses.


I also love this picture of the Beast. But there is just too much good stuff here.

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All Awesome!

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Dustin Nguyen man. His art is amazing...

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#30 Posted by Ganthetsward20 (724 posts) - - Show Bio

A very wonderful green lantern pic

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Nice collection.

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Emma Frost. Wow

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sure dug that Green Lantern.

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So...much...DEADPOOL! *faints*

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I love the first picture of Deadpool. Truly excellent. But that "Captain Joker and Mr. Quinn" picture just scares me.

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The Nguyen Lantern drawing is gorgeous.

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So many amazing works to chose from!

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Great picks!

Death of the Endless is my favorite, gorgeous.

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I really love the Storm sketch. Hope he finishes it soon.

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#40 Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek (21617 posts) - - Show Bio

Lol at the Draw Something one. All of these were good, especially the Deadpool ones and the Green Lantern ones. (The GL one was probably the hardest to draw due to the extra coloring, shading, and the 3D effects.)

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Not sure how I feel about Captain Joker and Mr. Quinn. I'm confused.

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Rockabilly Batman...so Amazing, such an awesome idea.

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Green Lantern one is amazing

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why is supes always floating? these pics were great

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Love that first Deadpool one. Very cool.

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I love that MK!!

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I would read a Elseworld Rockabilly Batman story

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Love the mechanic Batman!!!!

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That Hawkeye one is just great

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This one is A-Thor-able.

Yeah, I went there. Deal with it.....also, you know I'm right.