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for a limited time, Deadpool will be answering questions on my Chainsaw Vigilante tumblr account, so if you go to this link


you can ask questions either anonymously or with a tumblr account, and i will provide illustrated answers to your questions!

and even if you don't want to ask a question, please go to the website above to check out my art and the story that goes along with each pic. i appreciate feedback, and personally i see this as good practice to improve my drawing and coloring skills, so the more questions, the better.

i also suggest you check out some of the other tumblr ask blogs, especially the batman ones. they have some really great artists and can make for a hilarious read.


id post more pics for you guys, but i cant ever seem to get more than one pic per post, so just check out the link.

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you get a chance to have me draw deadpool doing pretty much whatever the hell you want, and nobody takes it? come on people! i need to practice drawing these characters! and this ask blog thing is the best way for me to get randomized expressions and show the characters interacting with one another!

what, are you confused about how it works or something? its real simple!

go to the link in the post above, click the button on the side bar that says "ask at your own risk". if you don't have a tumblr account you should automatically ask anonymouslly. then i'll read and answer your question/comment.

or if your so inclined, feel free to read the thing, but scroll down to the bottom of the blog and then go back a page first as the story starts from the bottom up and i wouldn't want you to try and read it backwards.

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@arcanineryu2: What if Deadpool was black, had laser eyes and wings?