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Hey guys,

I am writing and doing the concept design work for a new book called Black Lotus Empire. It is set in 22nd century China and focuses on one gril's place in an Arab-Spring-type uprising. I am. writing it as well as doing the character, vehicle, and other designs, and the colors. The pencils are done by Carlos Gomez. Check out the Kickstarter for more info.

some designs:

This is the hero, Sparrow. Pencils by Carlos Gomez, inks and colors by me
This is the hero, Sparrow. Pencils by Carlos Gomez, inks and colors by me
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Wow, this looks really fantastic!

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really cool character design, dude.

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Yeah I would read this the art is solid, sadly I can't donate to the kick starter but I hope others do, good luck

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very professional looking art!

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Not bad

Continue to practice and you can do nothing but improve!

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really dig it

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Awesome! This definitely sounds like something I would read, great character designs

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Yep, I think it's a great character design, too! More superheroes in tennis shoes!

It looks like you are really good at expression, as well. That's so tough.

What do the wings do? Do they fly her or do they do other ninja-trickery?