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EDIT: Just a refresher, this contest was started by user Caligula, and his idea for the 2099 Contest is to have artists submit their futuristic or "2099" designs for comic book characters. Pretty much anything goes with exception for using any already existing alternate or futuristic versions of the character(s). Like Marvel did with Spider-Man, Punisher, Doom, and others, putting them in the year 2099 and giving a futuristic take. DC has done a similar thing with many future and alternate versions of their characters. I think this contest, now that it has changed to allowing characters from all publishers, is ideal for Independent and other comic book publishers' characters.

Give your "2099" take on the character The Crow. Also, if you can write up a brief story explaining the 2099 version that would be awesome, but NOT required. Have fun!

Any medium accepted.

Deadline is November 2nd, 2012 at Midnight Mountain Time USA.


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@Decept-O: This sounds cool... sorry, is it basically The Crow redesigned for the year 2099?

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@Selinaky: Yeah, basically.

I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with for this one.

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@Selinaky: Yes. Sorry I should specify in the header what the 2099 contest is for anyone not familiar. It is simply giving a character a futuristic version, a "2099 treatment" for a character. It is basically anything goes, really, but try to avoid using any already existing twists on characters. Like for Marvel and DC, there are A LOT of alternate and future versions of characters.

The contest started by user Caligula, who decided to give DC characters a "2099" twist, like Marvel did with their characters such as Spider-Man, Doom, Punisher and many others. Then the contest theme became open for ANY character from any publisher. Initially I was hesitant with the idea but then pulled my head out of my ass and realized that was a great suggestion ( can't recall who the user was who suggested it and I apologize for that ).

So yeah, give The Crow your "2099" version, and there really aren't any specifics except to avoid using anything that already exists for the character. Have fun and look forward to your submission!

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Hah great contest idea, and little tid bit of trivia I was named after the actor who played the crow in the film. Therefore this contest is close to my heart... Not really buh still exited to give it a go :P

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@Blizaga101: No, man that is very cool indeed! Can't wait to see your work and everyone else's for this contest. Glad you like the choice. I think it will be a good one. Have fun!

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Eliza Thornton was a world renound theif during the year of 2099. She was so skilled she was payed by several employers to hunt down and steal an ancient relic. Travelling around the world she discovered her hit and without fail, took it. When she returned to her employers they shot her down in cold blood and used the relic and her body in a dark arcanic ritual for glory and wealth. They disposed of her body soon after and dumped it into the sea. Instead of succumbing to death Eliza was resurected by the spirt of the crow and was devoted to the mission of hunting down each man who hired her and without fail, steal their lives...

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Great work!

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@KEROGA: That's great!

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@batkevin74: thx!

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Here's my entry.

Forced to live as a child slave under a cruel crime lord name Durgan Jenning, Joseph Mintz endured years of silent suffering caused by abuse at the hands of the monster. Though never saying a word, he had caught eye of another child slave; a girl, and became infatuated. As they grew older she grew to show him more kindness while he grew to relish the time he could spend with her. His hurt wasn't as severe, even when being damaged by Durgan or whoever he sold Joseph off too. But when Durgan found out about Joseph and the slave girl, he felt it necessary to teach the young man a lesson, so he beat him, took the slave girl away and began to abuse her. Joseph then felt a new feeling growing inside of him; a deep and powerful anger that could not be contained. He lashed out and wounded Durgan in an attempt to save the one thing in the entire world he felt love towards. Durgan had Joseph cut up and thrown out someplace far away, but justice would be served so long as the Crow sees the need to act. Joseph, alive once more and stronger then he could've imagined, now seeks to destroy Durgan and all with him so that the one thing he's ever loved can have a real shot at life.

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OK, deadline is past, and the voting thread will be posted in a bit. Thanks to everyone who submitted their awesome work!