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We all know there are quite a few incomplete features and pressure points in the API, that are causing everybody a few headaches (sorting, filtering, etc). Some of these are listed in the documentation, but actually don't eveb exist, some of them have been requested repeatedly on the forum. 
Is there any news on the status of development of these features?
I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm dying to put this data to good use, and I feel like the API is developed only enough that it's a big huge tease.
C'mon guys! If you give us proper filtering, sorting, advanced searching and object cross-referencing methods we can drastically cut back on client-side programming and the numerous API calls we're being forced to make. Remember, this is good for your servers, you'll get more willing developers using the API, drive more traffic to the site, etc... everybody wins!
Please, please, please add these features soon!

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I couldn't agree more with this post. 
Just this morning alone I wrote a 245 line class which runs a few queries, which isn't a lot I suppose. However what's upsetting is around 100 of those lines are going towards an ugly for loop which queries volumes, gets their ID's then goes and queries ALL the volumeIDs to get issue numbers. further more, I'm then having to sort the array afterwords so I can get the issue numbering in the correct order. Brute force works... but it really sucks and leads to some very messy code which leads to bugs and who knows what other headaches down the road. 

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Sadly, there's no evidence that I can find that anyone at ComicVine even reads these API request threads--certainly they don't respond to them.  :(
The issue that Cosizzle mentions re: having to query each issue separately in order to find out their issue numbers has been brought up time and again, without any official response from ComicVine:
This is a huge, unnecessary inefficiency for the ComicVine servers and for nearly all users of the ComicVine API.  I bet that if the right engineer at ComicVine actually knew what a pain point this problem is, they'd fix it in a heartbeat, since doing so would be such a huge win in exchange for what (I'm guessing) would be very little effort.  
(It seems like adding the issue number into the results of a volume query wouldn't be any harder than adding the issue name, which it is already doing...)

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agreed, especially since, as developers who RELY on active development to work on our own respective projects, if no work is done to resolve these issue, we can't work on our own and are stopped dead in our tracks, effectively killing the whole reason for having an API in the first place. 
XBMC was able to work around this with their own scrapers, they quite literally took websites like the IMDB and TVDB.org and just  parsed every single page's html to get the metadata that they needed, even though it may have been quite a big server hit for them... Perhaps this is what we'll have to do to the ComicVine website instead??

I'll see if I can get a moderator to respond to this