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I don't know if this is a bug with the new system, or it was done on purpose, so I wanted to verify here.

For example, I see the title of Watchmen #1 is now :

"Watchmen #1 - At Midnight, All The Agents..."

whereas before it was:

"At Midnight, All The Agents..."

Is this a fixed thing for the future? Or is it a side effect of the transfer from the old system? It just seems a bit redundant.

Edit: Whoops, looks like cbanack had the same question right before me!

OK, follow up question, since this is permanent: I see that in the volume listing of issues, the titles there do not contain the volume and issue number. Can I count on this to remain? If not, will the formatting remain consistent? I would like to use a regular expression to parse out the non-redundant part of the title. If I know that it's always going to be "<volume name> #NNN - <title>" it will be easier.


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Answered in another post already, it was done on purpose.