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So I've been hard at work on my C# library for the ComicVine API.  Volumes are fully searchable and the class is fully functional, with all data related to a volume object easily retrievable.  The Issue resource is also complete in terms of gathering the API details, but it's not a searchable resource because I don't really personally find them to be all that relevant of a resource to search among.  I may implement it in the future just for completeness, but for now I don't find it too useful so I will focus my attentions elsewhere.
I developed a new class called Role, which is sort of the opposite of the Person members of an Issue resource.  Each person affiliated with an Issue has roles assigned to them, that's built in to the API, but my own Role class is now a new member of the Issue class and it parses the person_credits to build a role_credits listing, so to explain: each issue has a list of roles, and each role has a list of the persons who completed that role for the issue.  So with this you can easily print out the person_credits for an issue by Person or by Role, as an example for The Walking Dead #65 you could have it by persons:

Robert Kirkman: writer
Charlie Adlard: penciler, inker, cover
Cliff Rathburn: cover
Rus Wooten: letterer
Aubrey Sitterson: editor

(this being built in to the API) Or you could have it by roles (this being what I just implemented myself into my library):

Writer: Robert Kirkman
Penciler: Charlie Adlard
Inker: Charlie Adlard
Cover: Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn
Letterer: Rus Wooten
Editor: Aubrey Sitterson

I thought it was nice to have an easy method of presenting the Issue person_credits in a couple of different ways.

Next up on my plate: Complete the Person class with all fields as properties and include a Search functionality so we can have easy ways to find out, for instance, every issue that Stan Lee was ever involved in, or even involved in for a particular role.  Should be fun.