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Ok, so if i wanted to keep a local db of the information here would that be ok?

Here's my reasoning, groing through the list of 42500ish character results from the xml takes a long time and takes a long time ( unless i multithread it ). Is it ok if i keep local tables say | Char Name - ID | so that i can do my xml searches a little easier? Or am i missing something?

The reason i bring this up is because say my user searches for say "bat" because he doesnt remember batman's name, the api doesnt have search functions related to things like that, does it?
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I don't know. That's pretty much the only way to make the API usable, but the API terms and conditions are for some reason much more restrictive than the cc-by-nc license that contributions are supposed to be licensed under. The license actually says that we're allowed to do a lot of things that the API terms and conditions say we can't. Although I can't find anything forbidding this in the terms and conditions, my fear of getting in trouble for violating some rule I didn't understand makes it difficult for me to recommend doing something of the sort. The API terms and conditions are too scary.