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It seems the story_arc_credits is not returning anything. For example, see


This should have one story arc of Brightest Day.

Or Issue ID: 372346 is supposed to have Rise of the Third Army.

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@matthewlupo: Interesting: the story_arc_credits are only empty when you don't specify a "field_list" in your url.

If you add "&field_list=story_arc_credits" to your URL, then it seems to work.

Probably @frobie will want to know about this.

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@frobie Thanks to @cbanack's discovery I think I found the problem. story_arc_credits only returns as empty if you are also returning the person_credits. So it probably has to do with the changes that were made to the person_credits.

So if for instance you add "&field_list=story_arc_credits,name" it will return the story arcs. But if you add "&field_list=story_arc_credits,name,person_credits", then you get all information requested but the story arcs is empty.

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Fix for this will be pushed on next release.

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Great to hear, thanks!

@frobie Also, I have a feature request, if it's possible. I seem to remember that when viewing a story arc on the previous version of the website, it would give an order for issues of the arc. Is that a value that was stored, or was it generated based on the cover_date of the comic?

If it is a stored value, is that something that can be added to the story_arc_credits dictionary in the API for an issue resource?

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@frobie, @matthewlupo: Note that this bug is also happening for the "team_credits" in the "issue" resource, as well.

The following does not show teams: http://www.comicvine.com/api/issue/4000-367696/?api_key=XXX&format=xml

But if you append "&field_list=team_credits" onto the end, then it does show them.

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@cbanack This also appears to be related to the person_credits being part of the return info.

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That case with the team_credits in issues will be fixed as well. Any call that had an association with an extra field besides the default set of api_detail_url, id, name, and site_detail_url would ruin it for the other associations. I would not have noticed this, thanks for the heads up @cbanack & @matthewlupo.

I will get a more definite answer later, but based on what I see on the story arcs page and in the db, there is no indication of issue ordering in a story arc. It may just be based on the cover date.

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@frobie No problem! Glad to help out where we can :D

Thanks for looking into the story arcs ordering.