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This is the site for the Story/arc "The Children's Crusade". 

This is the API request result for the Story/arc "The Children's Crusade" .
The site has the 7 associated issues.  It would be awesome of they would show up in the API request results.

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Don't know if this is the right place for this request but here I go.
There are 20 issues for the "Deathwatch 2000" story arc but the "Appears in" section only says "2 issues", this is probably muy fault as I created the page but I would like to know how to add the rest (18 more) of the issues the story arc appears in in this area.  The page clearly shows the issues involved but the list only shows 2, I figure this will misslead people intrested to believe it's a short arc and they will be surprised to find it's ten times that :/
Deathwatch 2000

P.S. Hope I did this kinda right......