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Hey, hopefully someone will be able to give me a little insight on this problem, but I'm kinda thinking it's something to do with the API itself which probably won't be addressed. Anyways Im running a search to get all the volumes of a specific name:  http://api.comicvine.com/search/?api_key=xxxxxx&resources=volume&query=batman&limit=20&offset=0&field_list=id,name,count_of_issues&format=json 
When the query return, the top 3 results are: 
 [0] => stdClass Object
        [id] => 4720
        [count_of_issues] => 179
        [resource_type] => volume
        [name] => Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight
[1] => stdClass Object
        [id] => 4724
        [count_of_issues] => 96
        [resource_type] => volume
        [name] => Batman: Shadow Of The Bat
[2] => stdClass Object
        [id] => 3109
        [count_of_issues] => 27
        [resource_type] => volume
        [name] => Batman Annual
Is there a better way to get volumes by name? So that if in my case I search against batman, the first result would be batman.

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Ah yes - this is the same thing I just posted about. Didn't realise someone else has struck it. I found that when I searched for "thunderbolts" I didn't get the 1997 series "Thunderbolts" in the results at all, because it fell outside the top 20 results. I think sorting the results by the length of the title before they're limited to 20 would be a good solution.