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I am working on a small little project using the API and am doing JSON requests. For the resource type "story_arc" I am doing a request, and am returned a content type with a space and not an underscore (i.e, as outlined in the documentation)  - thus my GET request URL string is:   http://api.comicvine.com/story%20arc 


    "alias_match" = 0;

    "content_type" = "story arc";

    "content_type_id" = 39;

    "image_url" = "http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/0/9241/635555-mpsdre_003_tiny.jpg";

    name = "Dark Reign";

    pk = 55707;

    url = "/dark-reign/39-55707/";

Yet a detail request works with an underscore? How does that work out? 
Is this a bug or on purpose? This is posing me an issue if I do a request for the details from a search, by content_type, and it does not recognize it. I could do a string check and replace, but it's seems silly if this is a bug. 
Any help from the Whiskey Media devs appreciated.