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Hello all!

I've noticed how empty this board appears to be. If anyone is still out there, I'd like to try and get some input on how your experience has been with the API.

  • What limitationshave you ran into?
  • How are you handling large requests?
  • Are you scraping any of the data you pull to help off-load potential query time?
  • Are you caching any results? If so, how are you handling it?
  • How are you handling multiple volumes with the same title?

Personally, I'm looking into setting up a weekly cron job to scrape sets of data from Comic Vine and store it in my own database (I will of course give credit to Comic Vine and I am not looking to build a competing service/product). However, the idea of querying, let's say Amazing Spider-Man, and getting a list of 700 items, then running a loop inside each item to get even more data... It's ridiculous.

Have any of you found a more efficient way to handle this?

I'd love to discuss this API with others out there.

Out of curiosity, are there any other APIs out there?

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I couldn't find any other APIs of a similar caliber to comicvine's.

I am keen to start something similar to you but I can see a few limitations which would make interaction with the API a bit of a dog. I like your idea of scrape sets of data from the API so you could make more dynamic calls from your own DB. I'd imagined that when a new API call was made, to store that information in the DB after the first call...