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Hi Guys,

A native application for comic vine is now available in the app store. It is still in its early development stages but it showcases a lot of information in this site. This will be an active project so feel free to suggest things to be added, issues with the app or anything.
The app contains podcasts, videos and a lot more. Check it out in  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-comic-vine/id435258293?mt=8#


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Just writing to let you know that I support your efforts and I wish I could try it out, but unfortunately I don't have an iPod/Phone/Pad... Maybe I'll get an iPad someday.  They seem pretty neat.

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Hey, I actually had been wanting an iPad, and just decided to go for it.  They're on backorder from Apple, though.  I'll receive it in like 3 weeks, I think.  I will definitely check out your app when it arrives!  I can't wait to see it.

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Hi guys,

Comic Vine app version 1.1 is now available in the app store. This Version fixes a few bugs and navigation issues from the old version.

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I am an active user of this app. Excellent work there and do keep it going. I see that you are at the beginning stage of app development.

The features I love and use the most:

1) New comics section - the detail view and the covers view are cool.

2) News section

3) Videos section

and 4) Reviews

These are pretty awesome. The only need I always felt in multiple screens is the need to have it load faster. I do not know what could be the complexity/ limitation but just throwing it out as a feedback.

Once again, keep up the great work. See if you could release a paid version that doesn't load ads and may be throw in some enhancements. I am sure many of us would go for it.

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There are a few issues with the app.

1.) Using the browse feature it will freeze the phone then crash

2.) The videos do not work. It says it cannot connect to the address

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