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I found a problem while searching for the 2013 series "X" using the web API. When I perform a query (using the 'search' resource), it finds four older series with the name "X" (along with a 1200+ other results with the letter x in their titles) but the latest series "X" is not included in the results.

I'm not sure why this is happening, but I'm thinking it is a bug related to searching for new series, perhaps?

Here's the query I'm using. You have to put your own API key in, and you have to call it repeatedly with page = 1, 2, 3...13 to get all the results:


(@frobie might be interested in this)

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Appears to effect the actual site aswell, did a search for volumes: X and it's not on the first page.

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man this site has more bug issues than my pubic hair. fix da goddam issues .