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So far I've found two bugs with the API since the changeover on Tuesday night, both on the "issue" resource. I posted each one separately in the Bugs section of the forums, but I thought I'd better mention them here in the API section too.

1) the "roles" in "person_credits" (writer, editor, inker, etc) have dissappear (more here)

2) we can no longer tell the different between an comic with no "issue_number" and an "issue_number" of zero (more here)

On the bright side, since these details were available in the previous version of the API, hopefully these will be easy bugs to fix...judging from the number of new entries in the Bugs section of the forum, the ComicVine devs have their hands full these days.

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Found another one:

3) the "publish_" dates given by the API do not match what it shown on the website (more here).

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  1. Added roles back into person_credits. The roles are comma-delimited.
  2. The issue_number field will always return whatever is in the db rather than getting the null treatment for being empty.
  3. Answered in other post.
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@frobie: You are a bug fixing machine, sir.

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Found another, story arcs seem to be missing from issue results. See here for more info.

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@matthewlupo: @frobie: Yup, I've noticed that story_arc_credits is missing from the issue resource too.

Here's another example comic that shows the problem:


Should have the Age of Ultron story arc.