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I am working on parsing the character resource.  To do that effectively, I am searching for some example characters that have the particular attribute i am trying to parse.  I chose Spider-Man as an example, as that charcter has a lot of information associated with it. 
When I try this url: http://api.comicvine.com/character/1443/?api_key=... , I receive a 500 Internal Server Error.  Is this caused by the shear amount of information trying to be returned, or does it have something to do with having story_arc_credits (the field i am trying to parse)?
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Hello ggkilmon
Sorry about the late reply, i don't come around here very much lately, i've been busy with stupid LSAT stuff.
I believe you are correct in assuming there is too much information being returned because when i goto this url  


It works perfectly fine.
I remember for my own purposes i did not need all the fields that are supplied, so you could say something like


And use only the fields you are going to need. However if you do need all the fields, i'd suggest using 2 separate queries each with 1/2 the info or so to grab all the characters reliably.
Let me know if this works for you :)